Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

Are qualified veterinarians and/or good kennel services available? Do animals need to be quarantined upon entry to the country? Are there other considerations regarding pets that are particular to this country?

I did not have a pet so I'm not sure, but many of my colleagues had pets and seemed to do fine. - Oct 2021

Excellent vet care. Cheap and come to your house. - Feb 2021

I wouldn't say there is a lot of choice, but there are good vets. Ours, Dr Faisa, does house calls. - Jan 2021

Never used a vet here but people are generally comfortable. People rarely use kennels but choose dog sitters. Welcome Home Kennels with Judith is what people use if they need to. No quarantine upon arrival, however, dogs can't travel during the hot summer months. Its getting more difficult with airlines. Super expensive too. - Dec 2020

Our dog was killed with rat poison that was thrown in our yard, and we found that the vets were not skilled enough to help. I consider them livestock vets. I wish we would not have brought our dog. The vets will be fine for very basic care. There was no quarantine needed. People seemed scared of the dogs and didn't seem to like them. - Sep 2018

Yes. There are local favorites. Our cats did not have to be quarantined upon entry, so, I think that this answer is "no." Just make sure records are up to date. We recently adopted a dog from the local Humane Center for Animal Welfare. - Sep 2018

Great in-home service at reasonable prices. Have not used kennel services yet but they do exist. No quarantine required, we brought a cat straight here. - Mar 2017

Good vets, no quarantine. The only thing to consider is that cremation does not exist in this country. If your pet dies and you want to cremate the remains, you will need to look at go to Israel or another country. Also, pet supplies are very expensive, so ship in what you can. - Jul 2016

No quarantine. - Mar 2016

No problem bringing a pet--lots of good vets (and if you REALLY need help, go over to Tel Aviv). - Mar 2016

Unknown but there are vets. - Nov 2015

No need for quarantine. Good vets and at least one good kennel available, although diagnostic and treatment capabilities are pretty limited. People are pretty scared of dogs here, and there are a lot of stray cats. - Mar 2015

No quarantine. Basic paperwork is required to bring in a pet to Jordan, namely the certificate of health and rabies certificate. More complicated are the requirements to transit Europe and the restrictions on transporting pets via various airlines. Vets are available as well as a couple kennels. Best to talk to people at Post about who they use. We also ship in our cat food and cat litter. - Jul 2014

No. - May 2013

No. - Mar 2013

I don't believe so. - Apr 2012

No. USDA health certificate, and that is mainly to get out of CONUS with the dogs. When we arrived our paperwork wasn't even looked at. - Mar 2012

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