Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

More toiletries! Even laundry detergent and toilet paper. I'm not picky but the local brands are awful and Charmin is SO expensive. - Aug 2023

Sunscreen and other liquids. You can get most things delivered from Amazon or other online vendors. - Aug 2023

Vanilla. - Jul 2023

This is not a consumables post. I can find everything I need locally, and if there is something specific I want / need, I order online. - Mar 2023

Nothing really. I ship snacks my kids like from Amazon, but I can really get most everything here. - Jul 2022

Nothing since I could get everything locally or from Amazon through the embassy mail pouch. - Oct 2021

The American Employee Association has wine, beer, hard liquor, and whiskey (far more whiskey because their purchase limits are separate from other spirits), but the prices are a little high if you like to entertain. For context, it's maybe $2-3 per bottle of beer, $15-30 for bottles of mediocre wine, and anywhere from $15 to $150 for different spirits, but closer to $40-50 a bottle on average. These prices are better than what you'd pay at the highly taxed liquor stores, but I'd recommend shipping some boxes of wine and whatever else you like to drink if you can. Cleaning supplies are available, but the brands you know are quite pricey, so I'd recommend shipping those. Also, it's hard to find good quality toilet paper, paper towels, etc. so those can be good to ship or order through the DPO. - Apr 2021

I have found everything here. - Feb 2021

Pepperoni, canned pumpkin, aluminum pie plates, hair mousse, and sunscreen. - Jan 2021

Nothing. You can get everything online. - Dec 2020

Vanilla, organic items (due to cost). - Sep 2020

There was really nothing I couldn’t find there if I wanted to pay for it. Everything was expensive, so I just gave up and shopped locally. Prime pantry is an option. - Sep 2018

Vanilla, ham, and wine, though even these things can be found on the local market, just not as easily as in the US. - Sep 2018

You can get just about anything but it is useful to ship brown sugar, Tex-Mex items. We still use the pouch quite a bit. - Mar 2017

A good Costco run of bulk peanut butter, walnuts, brown sugar, chocolate chips, sensitive laundry detergent, kitty litter, and dog food. - Jul 2016

Wrapping paper (it's near impossible to find), scotch tape, birthday gifts for kid parties. Art or craft supplies. - Mar 2016

Lots of TP and paper towels (they are expensive here and TP is not like American TP), cereal (it's expensive here), almond or rice milk if you need it or like it. Like I said, you can get anything here if you're willing to pay for it (it can be expensive). - Mar 2016

Coconut oil is at least double the price here. I would bring a nice supply. Toilet paper is expensive and having a Costco pack or two is really nice. Same with paper towels. Also add Costco paper plates bowls and plastic ware. To bring: Coconut oil (lots), TP, paper towels, paper goods, pancake mix, 220 volt bread machine (the sandwich bread here is very dry), container of Costco popcorn kernels, a plastic container of floor (you can get here but a little more expensive) syrup, favorite canned goods, spaghetti sauce, Jelly beans (to take to parties) a lot of Costco brownie mixes (to take to parties or anytime you need to bring something to share), favorite cleaning supplies, detergent, cereal. Cereal is expensive $8+ a box. We order our boxes through WalMart. Soap, shampoo and conditioner. Gluten free: It is pretty easy eating gluten free here. Lots of veggies and fruits (in season). Kabobs and rice or potatoes. Bring gluten free noodles and a good supply of Gluten free flour. - Nov 2015

I'm picky about hair supplies and makeup, so I stock up when in the U.S. Otherwise, we get pretty much everything on the local market or through the DPO from Amazon. - May 2015

Natural peanut butter, more tampons, cereal. - Mar 2015

Whatever you forget, Amazon will provide. Or Or any other website. DPO even allows liquids in limited quantities, so there's no need to hoard. We order in paper towels, toilet paper, and napkins, for quality/quantity sake. We have an IKEA. IKEA, BABY! - Jul 2014

I've really been able to find most everything we need here or order it through the DPO. Although, humidifiers come in REALLY handy for the dry times. - Mar 2014

Kids' clothes, winter clothes, more paper products, more formal work clothes. - Dec 2013

Tires. Paper products (there are of very poor quality, so Amazon Prime is a good option). - Aug 2013

Paper towels and toilet paper are overpriced here. - Jul 2013

Tires for my car (they are expensive here, and not all sizes are carried). - May 2013

You can really get everything here, it just depends how badly you want it. Things are expensive, but if paying $30 for pecans is okay for you, then you can get them. I ship my cereal, but everything else I buy locally --- even chocolate chips at $7 a bag. - Mar 2013

Bounty paper towels and paper plates. The local paper towels are worthless, and paper plates are expensive. I order cereal, diapers and wipes, and cosmetics from various online retailers. You just have to plan ahead. - Apr 2012

More paper products (paper towels, TP, etc) because the local stuff is terrible and the imported stuff is insanely expensive. We buy most of it on amazon and ship it in now. Dog food, same story. - Mar 2012

Nothing really, you can get almost anything here if you're willing to pay for it. - Mar 2012

Clothing tends to be expensive and of poor quality so we tend to get most of it online. - Aug 2011

Nothing in particular other than my bed. I always take my own bed. Otherwise, you can get just about everything you need there. - Aug 2011


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