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Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

lots, climbing, horseback riding, soccer, gymnastics, and dance. - Aug 2023

Yes, through school or otherwise. - Jul 2023

Yes, kids do horseback riding, karate, dance, soccer, basketball, baseball, art, etc. Lots of options. - Jul 2022

Yes. Our 7 year old kid took swim lessons at a local gym and learned a great deal in only a few weeks. There are also playgrounds, climbing gyms, trampoline parks, movie theaters, and tons of outdoor exploring throughout the country. - Oct 2021

There are several, but the school does not provide as many as you would think and there is a lot of driving. So much driving in bad traffic. - Feb 2021

Yes, swimming, boy/girl scouts, horse riding, climbing, sports, music, dance. Many options. - Jan 2021

Gymnastics, soccer, basketball, dance, horseback riding.... - Dec 2020

Yes. Soccer, basketball, tennis, gymnastics, karate, music lessons, etc are all available. - Sep 2020

A few and they are expensive due to limited supply. We did ballet and Kindermusik. - Sep 2018

Yes, there are some. Fall and spring baseball, soccer, horseback riding, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc. Plenty of after-school activities at the local schools, too. - Sep 2018

Not a huge sports scene outside of school and even for the school it is limited. Seasons are very short, and the quality of coaching is mediocre, in my opinion. With all these international schools you would think there would be some robust competition but that doesn't seem to be the case. - Mar 2017

After-school activities are available at the school. There are also a number of other activities available on the local economy. - Jul 2016

I've heard of kids doing baseball and soccer. - Mar 2016

Soccer, baseball, basketball, horse riding, - Nov 2015

Swimming is big. ACS has some after-school activities, but they're limited and not great. - May 2015

I think so. - Mar 2015

Yes, but you have to hunt for them. Horseback riding is available (ask around, several people go to Saifi Stables off Airport Road), basketball (ask around), soccer (ask around), tennis (available on the Embassy compound), baseball (Amman Little League). Because Jordan is relatively land-locked there is a minimal swim culture. You'll find that girls who are into sports often end up in local clubs with all boys. ACS offers after-school sports for middle school and JV and Varsity for high school. These are not the same level of competition you're used to at other schools or in the U.S. - Jul 2014

Yes, though largely offered through the schools. - Mar 2014

Yes, some. Don't expect competitive leagues (esp. swimming) like you would find in the U.S. - Dec 2013

Some. - Aug 2013

Yes, baseball, soccer, tae kwon do, swimming, and horseback-riding primarily. - May 2013

Yes. All the schools have programs and there is also ballet and rock climbing. - Mar 2013

Yes!The Family Tae Kwon Do Center in Sweifiah is a great place for children and their parents. There are little league sports, as well as private club soccer teams. Jungle Bungle is a great spot for children to play. And in the summer, we spend all of our time at the Embassy pool!The biggest issue we have had with being in Amman, is that the local children don't go out to play after school. In the States, everyone goes outside in the afternoons, and that is not the case here.(And it is not safe to play in the streets) We have missed that. So, you end up taking your children to places to play. That can be a little tiresome. - Apr 2012

There are a number of sports leagues available for kids and the community in general. - Mar 2012

Yes. There are gym programs for kids as young as 12 months, and for older kids there is soccer, baseball, Tae Kwan Do and others. - Mar 2012

Yes - Oct 2011

Little league, soccer league, basketball league, etc. The kids find plenty to do and tend to be pretty happy here. - Aug 2011


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