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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There are good gyms, expensive, but high quality. I walk outside but it's not pleasant, lots of dust and garbage and bad drivers. - Aug 2023

Most people use the Embassy gym. Other options are pricey but well-regarded (Quicksand, Vy). - Aug 2023

Expensive. Embassy gym. A couple other options. - Jul 2023

So many options, some gyms are super nice. A number from the Embassy community offer different classes: yoga, zumba, jujitsu, soccer, etc. Sometimes there's a weekend yoga get-away organized. - Mar 2023

The embassy has a very good gym and lots of exercise and yoga classes offered. I know a few people who use local trainers and join local gyms. I am not sure of the price. - Jul 2022

I used the embassy gym. There are a number of private gyms in Amman that range in price, but I do remember hearing that they are expensive ($150 per month or so). - Oct 2021

Many different types of gyms are available when the government lets them open (closed currently due to a COVID spike), and you can pay about the same prices as the U.S. The Embassy also has a weight room and exercise room that many used during the lockdowns. - Apr 2021

Several. - Feb 2021

There are workout facilities (and a pool) at the embassy and other local gyms too. Gold's Gym is close to the Embassy. There is a 9 Round and other local varieties. Some offer women's only times. - Jan 2021

The embassy has two gyms (a weight room and a cardio room) that aren't ever too busy. There is Golds Gym here and some other nice gyms but expensive. - Dec 2020

Crossfit, gold's gym, women-only gyms... They have it all of you don't mind paying. Crossfit is about USD 175 per month - Sep 2020

Many options available locally but expensive. The embassy had a gym that was good enough for a decent work out. May be better now after new construction. - Sep 2018

The embassy has a gym that is pretty good. There are many others available in Amman. They seem reasonable. - Sep 2018

Many modern gyms, Fitness First/Vega Fitness and Crossfit are very popular. They tend to be expensive. The US embassy has well-equipped gym that has been sufficient for us. One of the great benefits has been the ability to run outside. I need to do it in the mornings before much traffic and there are a lot of hills but I've been able to train for and run marathons while here. - Mar 2017

The Embassy has a small gym. - Jul 2016

The embassy has a small gym. There are several embassy spouses who do yoga or Pilates out of their homes. - Mar 2016

Most workout at the Embassy--gyms in Amman are expensive. - Mar 2016

My husband and I like to exercise. We use the US Embassy Gym. It is adequate: four tread mills, four elliptical, 2 bikes, weights, boxing bag, a couple of machines and mats for stretching/abs. There are 2 gyms close to the Embassy. One is Fitness One. It was going to cost just me about $150 and twice that if I wanted to add my husband. The other gym is called the Orthodox Gym. It is a little cheaper but there wasn't anything there that I didn't feel like I could do at the Embassy. There are several Pilates clubs and Yoga clubs. Also other gyms farther away. We aren't going to lose the gym throughout the OBO construction. - Nov 2015

Yes, but very expensive. Most of the embassies have at least small gyms. - Mar 2015

Yes. The gym at the Embassy is free but gets busy at the high times (before 9, at lunch, after 4). There are several gyms around for membership. I don't know the prices as I'm not a member at any of them, though I've heard they are considered expensive. The Embassy gym has a trainer that comes in for fitness/boxing/kick-boxing but his schedule is a little unreliable. - Jul 2014

There are and the costs are very similar to cities in the U.S. - Mar 2014

Yes but not sure how much they cost. The Embassy has a small gym. There's a fitness first down the street, and some people join the Orthodox club. I see flyers for all sorts of things like yoga, zumba, belly dancing, etc. - Dec 2013

There are a number of gyms. There is a small one at the Embassy. The community gyms (like Fitness First) are expensive and seem to be hot spots for looking for a husband or wife as people are very dressed to impress instead of working out. - Aug 2013

Yes, a free one at the Embassy (rumored to be demolished in early 2014 and rebuilt elsewhere a few years later) and several very nice gyms around town. Expect to pay upscale U.S. prices for membership. - Jul 2013

Yes, but they are very expensive outside of the embassy. - May 2013

Yes - Mar 2013

The Embassy has a decent gym and there are fitness clubs available. - Apr 2012

The embassy has an alright facility, and there are plenty of nice gyms in the area, similar to other high end gyms back in the states. Membership is expensive however. - Mar 2012

Absolutely. There is a gym at the embassy, as well as many private gyms all over the city. - Mar 2012

Yes - Oct 2011

There are some gyms in town that are pricey. - Aug 2011

Yes. On the embassy compound and out in the community - Aug 2011

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