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What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

It seems possible. - Jul 2023

ACS provides learning support. It seems like ICS is more known for giving more intensive support but I am not sure since we don't go there. - Jul 2022

I recall seeing ramps for the disabled, and I heard there were accommodations for other disabilities. - Oct 2021

Minimal accommodations, though learning support seems to be good. - Feb 2021

Most private schools prefer to not know about your special needs child. I know there are schools in Amman that cater to special needs (in one case, Autism) but you would need to ask the Community Liaison Office (CLO). - Jan 2021

Very poor response to kids with special needs here. I have heard very bad things from friends. Kids getting kicked out of school for behavior that isn't even that bad. So sad. - Dec 2020

The British school is your best bet. - Sep 2020

I would ONLY consider ICS for special-needs kids, even mild cases! They are great. They have in-class help as well as varied IEPs. Call the school for details. - Sep 2018

Not much. - Mar 2017

ACS- none from what I have heard. They do have an amazing speech/language therapist but I'm not sure if they are replacing her when she leaves. ACS doesn't have gifted programs either. I asked about that but the Superintendent said they treat all kids like they are gifted. Totally false. - Mar 2016

Not a lot. My daughter has mild learning disabilities and the teachers are understanding. If a child has savvier learning disabilities, they are less helpful. - Nov 2015

There is a school here for special needs, called Al-Masar, for mild needs to severe needs. Therapies are also offered after school or on appointment basis. ICS has a fairly well-developed program for mild-moderate needs, though, if one student is accepted, they expect all students in the family to attend ICS. ACS does not have a special needs program. - Jul 2014

I am not well informed on this, though I do know a few parents with special-needs kids who love the British international school and comment on how well their children are doing there, so I assume that school is more equipped with programs for special needs children. - Mar 2014

In addition to Al-Masar, ICS will accept children with moderate needs, and I think ACS is at least open to talking about it. ACS has a lot of stairs, though, but also an elevator. - Dec 2013

This is not a place with many resources for special needs kids. There are some but from what I hear parents are not very happy with what is available. - Aug 2013

I don't know. Some families have networked in the community to find U.S. or U.K. trained therapists for their children. - Jul 2013

ACS is trying to get better. It can handle minor needs issues, but not major ones. ICS will take special-needs kids, but I have heard some people are not satisfied with their programs. There is a school called Al Masar, which is geared towards kids with special needs, however I don't know of embassy families who send their kids to school there full-time. Instead, they make use of the after-school programs there for occupational therapy, etc. - May 2013

ICS takes special needs kids but doesn't really have the resources to help them - Mar 2013

There is a special needs school here. From what I hear, it is quite good. - Apr 2012

I doubt there is much accommodation made for special-needs kids, although ACS may have some programs. - Mar 2012

ACS has a learning support center for children with special needs. - Oct 2011

I have heard of special needs kids finding facilities here. - Aug 2011

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