Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

We have had ants and a few roaches. It's more an issue of smells from pipes that can never be fixed. What's really said are the stray cats, no matter how many you try to trap, spay/neuter, it's never enough, and people don't care. - Aug 2023

We had roaches, aunts, and mosquitoes. - Aug 2023

No, but water pressure can be an issue. - Jul 2023

I've had some roaches during Spring. Embassy provides traps. - Mar 2023

We haven't had any bugs at all. Lots of dust and a few sand storms. But there are blinds on all windows and doors that you can roll down that help to some degree. - Jul 2022

There are no insects that I recall since Amman is a mile above sea level. The weather is also arid, so I never experienced any infestations. - Oct 2021

We get some mosquitos during the rainy months (Dec-March) in our apartment, but it's not much more than an occasional annoyance. I think I've found 3 or 4 roaches during our entire tour, which is a pleasant surprise. - Apr 2021

None. Very few insects. - Feb 2021

We get mosquitos seems like any time of the year... And I have heard of a few people have had serious mould/mold issues in their houses. - Jan 2021

I am terrified of bugs and will pick a post based on bugs. Its been great here. We have black, non biting ants but put out traps. They don't bother me. I've seen some spiders but they are less scary than American spiders.... they are like a blonde spider that doesn't seem scary. No roaches or anything scary at all. Keep your house clean. - Dec 2020

Many houses run out of water and require calls for water truck fill up. Many have ongoing issues with AC split pack units. - Sep 2020

Roaches are common. Have heard of rats being in or around housing, but this is less common. - Sep 2018

We have the occasional ant near the dog's food dish. Nothing major. - Sep 2018

We had ants and used peppermint spray to get rid of them. - Jul 2016

Ants that seem to come out when it rains. - Mar 2016

Lots of flies, but otherwise nothing major. - Mar 2016

No insects problem in Amman. The Dead Sea is experiencing a lot of flies because of the manure dumping practices of the chicken farms. - Nov 2015

We occasionally have ant problems in our kitchen. Otherwise, bugs aren't a big problem. - May 2015

Mosquitoes are tiny and seem to be able to slip through any window screen. Occasional ants and roaches in some apartments but nothing major. - Mar 2015

During the rainy season (winter-ish), the ants can get pretty heavy in the homes. Mosquitos can increase in the summer time. Not much else. - Jul 2014

There can be ants particularly for ground floor/garden apartments but no major bug issues. At the Dead Sea there can be flies at certain times of the year. - Mar 2014

I haven't seen any. - Dec 2013

VERY large "water bugs" or flying cockroaches that come up from the plumbing, especially in the warmer months. - Aug 2013

Not many. - Jul 2013

There aren't a lot of mosquitoes, but ground-floor units get them and they are vicious here. But at least they don't carry diseases. Ants are also an issue. Not much else. - May 2013

Lots of people have ant issues. Some even have mosquito issues and the occasional cockroach. - Mar 2013

Mosquitos can be horrible. They are small and fast. Bring bug spray. - Apr 2012

Mosquitoes in our apartment in the fall, nasty flies at the dead sea in the fall which makes visits there almost unbearable.thats about it. - Mar 2012

ANTS. If you have a ground floor apartment, you will be battling ants nonstop. Some people have roach problems, and outdoors bees can be a nuisance, but ants are the only serious insect issue we've encountered and they're ubiquitous. - Mar 2012

Mosquitoes are around but are not disease-carrying. - Oct 2011

Surprisingly mosquitoes can be a problem here, depending on location. Not everyone has this problem but some do, often because of water collecting in air conditioning units. - Aug 2011

None that i was aware of. - Aug 2011

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