Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

It's a little warm but not bad. It is dusty in the summer, we do get a little snow in winter. - Aug 2023

Hot (80-110 F) and dry with no clouds from May-September; mild in October; cold and rainy from November-March. Green and lovely in March-April. It snows here too! - Aug 2023

Winters are actually cold, it actually snows (sometimes just a cover, sometimes a lot). Summers are very hot, especially out of Amman (Amman is at a higher elevation). The air is dry, very little humidity. - Mar 2023

We have all four seasons here. It has snowed both winters we have been here. Spring and fall are short but lovely weather. Summer it stays in the 90s for the most part but can get hotter. It is a "dry" heat, so usually not too bad. For the most part, AC is only in the bedrooms and maybe the living room of the housing, so the kitchens get really warm in the summer. - Jul 2022

The summers in Jordan can be extremely hot; high 90s in Amman and over 110 in the lower lying regions in the south,b ut the humidity is low so it's not bad. The winters can get below freezing in Amman and in the north, and it snows sometimes. Rains also come in the winter and early spring, but they are short and sporadic. It generally does not rain for most of the year. South of Amman is 100% desert, and north is more vegetated (mostly olive trees, poppies, and short grass). - Oct 2021

Hot in the summer during the day, pleasant at night. Pleasant during the day during the winter, but cold at night. Wet in the winter (Dec-March) and dry the rest of the year. It's a nice place to live overall. - Apr 2021

Jordan has seasons. - Feb 2021

Summer is hot and dry, but not too hot compared to the region. Winter is wet and can even snow. Generally very pleasant throughout the year. We are at elevation. Evenings are cool even in the warmer months, especially in the desert. - Jan 2021

We have a rainy season where it rains a ton but it doesn't get super cold and lasts fairly briefly. Its almost Christmas right now and I still lay out on my balcony. So nice! The weather here is hot in the summer but you have a lot of time where its mild and gorgeous. - Dec 2020

We get all seasons. Hot in the summer (100s)and cold in the winter (30s). - Sep 2020

A little bit of everything, but most of the year it is sunny, warm, and dry. Winter ranges from cold with snow, to cold with lots of rainy days while we were there. It does get hot in the summer. - Sep 2018

Great seasons, really. Nothing extreme except it does get hot in the summer during the day. It does get cold in Amman, too. It has been known to snow on occasion in the winter. - Sep 2018

The climate here is quite wonderful with noticeable season changes. In the summer it gets hot but in the evenings it cools down quite a bit and there tend to be nice breezes in Amman. We use our patio quite a bit for barbecues and entertaining. It does get cold in the winter, two of the years here we had significant snow that shut the city down for a few days. It was great! Some rain from late fall to early spring but mainly clear blue skies. - Mar 2017

Hot and dry four months out of the year, and during the rest of the year you will experience moderate seasons (fall, winter and spring.) - Jul 2016

Beautiful weather. Most days are blue skies and zero humidity. Spring and fall are fabulous because you get some rain and nice breezes. Winter gets some snow but not too much. Summer is hot but dry. A wonderful change from hot and sticky D.C. Bring an umbrella, rain boots, and a winter coat. - Mar 2016

PERFECT! Winters are hit-or-miss--sometimes it snows (a lot) and other times there's nothing but rain. Great spring and falls. Summers are fine--no humidity, so it's better than DC. - Mar 2016

A lot like Northern California. Shorter winter, nice spring and fall. Summer was mid 90's F with one week over 100F degrees. - Nov 2015

Very dry. Hot summers, but not sweltering. Winters are cool, but not cold. It generally snows 1-2 times per winter, which shuts down the entire city for a few days. Most of the time the skies are bright blue and cloudless. The weather is one of the best things about Amman. - May 2015

Summer gets hot - mid-30s (C) - but because it's so dry the evenings are gorgeous no matter how scorching the day is. Fall and spring are brief but perfect - mid-20s and sunny. Winter (December-February) hovers around 0-10C and we've received at least one big snow storm every year. It will also rain more during the winter, which makes driving difficult. - Mar 2015

Awesome weather 10 months of the year (one month typically pretty cold with snow, another month typically pretty hot around August). This summer, the weather has been particularly mild. - Jul 2014

The climate is very moderate. It rains November - February, and while the country is largely brown without a trace of green for most of the year, it is amazingly green from about February to April. Jordan is the fourth most water poor country in the world so "dry" is very much the definition of the climate around here. - Mar 2014

Climate reminds me of southern California. Hot dry summer, but bearable; moderate fall, and cool winter. Locals here dress up in their wool coats in the winter, but I'm fine most of the time in a lightweight jacket. - Dec 2013

The weather is pretty mild, except a little too hot during the summer. Winter is not bad but some are surprised it snows - a little. - Aug 2013

Amman is at a high altitude so the temperatures are nice considering the region. Winter is slightly too cold and it can sometimes snow. Summer is slightly too hot with perfect, cool evenings. Spring and Fall are long with perfect temps. - Jul 2013

Beautiful climate. Can get cold (with snow/ice) in winter and hot in summer, but it is moderate most of the year with cool breezes in the evenings even on the hottest days in Amman. However, everywhere outside Amman can be about 10 degrees warmer. - May 2013

. - Mar 2013

4 seasons, wonderful spring and fall, short winter, great summer, hot but not above 100% usually. - Mar 2013

Amman is arid, so hot and dry in the summer. It rains off and on from November until February/March, and then it is clear blue skies until the next winter. The Embassy pool opens at the end of March!It can get chilly during the winter months, but I usually don't need more than a fleece in the winter. - Apr 2012

Weather is almost always awesome. Winter can be kind of terrible, rainy/gray/cold in December through March. Spring, Summer and fall are awesome.even in the hottest months it's not that bad, and cools of nice at night. - Mar 2012

Weather is one of the highlights of living here. We have nine months of dry, sunny days with temperatures between 75-95. The winter is fairly mild and lasts two or three months, we've had one (minor) snow per winter. - Mar 2012

Excellent. Mild. Very dry (bring lots of skin lotion and drink lots of water).Short rainy season in the winter months. - Oct 2011

Nearly perfect. You get about 7 months of gorgeous weather from May until November. A typical summer day has blue skies, no humidity, and always a mild breeze to cool the day. It can get cold in the winter and even snow. - Aug 2011

Excellent. Zero humidity and sunny 90% of the time. "Winters" are mild with a jacket required, although nights can get quite cool. Otherwise it is about 85 degrees F almost every day! - Aug 2011


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