Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

Was this post your first expatriate experience? If not, what other cities have you lived in as an expat?

First post. - Dec 2020

Not my first rodeo. This is my third tour in foreign service. - Sep 2020

No. I have also lived in London, UK. - Sep 2018

France, Japan, Bolivia, Zambia, Egypt, and Jordan. - Sep 2018

I have had prior experience in Europe and Africa. - Mar 2017

No, we have lived in Mexico, China, Senegal, and the United Kingdom previous to this assignment. - Jul 2016

No, our 5th - Mar 2016

My first. - Mar 2016

Yes - Nov 2015

No. Milan and Taipei - May 2015

Yes. - Mar 2015

Not a first post. With FS, we've lived in Manila, Lome', and Chennai before here. As a military brat I lived in Brussels, Kinshasa, Algiers, and Niamey. - Jul 2014

No, we have lived in Iraq and Tunisia previously. - Mar 2014

I've also lived in Dhaka, Geneva, and Singapore. - Dec 2013

No. I have lived in Lima, Lagos and Athens. - Aug 2013

This is my second overseas tour. - Jul 2013

No - the second with the government. We previously lived in SE Asia. - May 2013

Yes, this was our first experience living overseas. - Apr 2012

Third. Previous tours elsewhere in the Middle East. - Mar 2012

This is our third expat experience. We have also lived in Kabul, Afghanistan and Ankara, Turkey. - Mar 2012

No. Tel Aviv, Tijuana, Guatemala, Sydney. - Oct 2011

First expat experience but an experienced overseas traveler. - Aug 2011

No, we also lived in Vienna, Austria. - Aug 2011

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