Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

Was this post your first expatriate experience? If not, what other cities have you lived in as an expat?

No, this is my fifth post with DOS and I have lived abroad seven times. - Aug 2023

No, have lived all over the Middle East. - Aug 2023

No. We have lived all over for many years. - Jul 2023

No. I've served many places, including other countries in the Middle East. - Mar 2023

This is our fifth expat experience. We have lived in Uganda, South Korea, Ukraine and Bermuda. - Jul 2022

No. My prior post was Liberia, and I had shorter term assignments before that in Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Addis Ababa, and Port-au-Prince. - Oct 2021

This is our third post and first in the Middle East. - Apr 2021

Two other Middle Eastern countries, two other posts in Europe, and one in Africa. - Feb 2021

7 post in Asia, Middle East, North Africa and Europe. - Jan 2021

First post. - Dec 2020

Not my first rodeo. This is my third tour in foreign service. - Sep 2020

No. I have also lived in London, UK. - Sep 2018

France, Japan, Bolivia, Zambia, Egypt, and Jordan. - Sep 2018

I have had prior experience in Europe and Africa. - Mar 2017

No, we have lived in Mexico, China, Senegal, and the United Kingdom previous to this assignment. - Jul 2016

No, our 5th - Mar 2016

My first. - Mar 2016

Yes - Nov 2015

No. Milan and Taipei - May 2015

Yes. - Mar 2015

Not a first post. With FS, we've lived in Manila, Lome', and Chennai before here. As a military brat I lived in Brussels, Kinshasa, Algiers, and Niamey. - Jul 2014

No, we have lived in Iraq and Tunisia previously. - Mar 2014

I've also lived in Dhaka, Geneva, and Singapore. - Dec 2013

No. I have lived in Lima, Lagos and Athens. - Aug 2013

This is my second overseas tour. - Jul 2013

No - the second with the government. We previously lived in SE Asia. - May 2013

Yes, this was our first experience living overseas. - Apr 2012

Third. Previous tours elsewhere in the Middle East. - Mar 2012

This is our third expat experience. We have also lived in Kabul, Afghanistan and Ankara, Turkey. - Mar 2012

No. Tel Aviv, Tijuana, Guatemala, Sydney. - Oct 2011

First expat experience but an experienced overseas traveler. - Aug 2011

No, we also lived in Vienna, Austria. - Aug 2011

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