Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Maybe mosaics.. but not really a shopping post - Sep 2020

People buy lanterns, Syrian furniture, and rugs - Sep 2018

Some, but I think I'm getting bored of buying things from other countries, so, I'm not the best person to ask. There are, however, some great works in mosaic to purchase in Madaba. Items carved out of olive wood are nice, too. - Sep 2018

There are some crafts and local handicrafts but most of the nice stuff is brought here from somewhere else. - Mar 2017

The furniture here is gorgeous. Also, the mosaics in Madaba are beautiful. - Jul 2016

Tea sets, daggers, tiles, mosaics, and Syrian furniture. - Mar 2016

Art, Syrian furniture, rugs. - Mar 2016

Mosaics, art, Imported Rugs. - Nov 2015

Mosaics, textiles, rugs, gold, olivewood products, Dead Sea products, Syrian furniture. - May 2015

Textiles, pottery, spices, dead sea products. - Mar 2015

Mosaics from Madaba. Dead Sea mud products. Paintings from Jerash. In-laid Syrian furniture that makes it to Amman. - Jul 2014

Dead sea salts/muds/soaps, pottery, mosaics, art work. - Mar 2014

Carved olive wood items, carpets, handmade inlay wooden boxes, dead sea minerals products, trips. - Dec 2013

Syrian furniture. - Jul 2013

Olive wood handicrafts, Syrian furniture, rugs, tile work, Palestinian embroidery, and local pottery. There are a few interesting things to spend your money on, but Jordan is not a shopping haven. - May 2013

Carpets, Dead Sea products. - Mar 2013

Furniture, pottery, jewelry, trips to Aqaba and the Dead Sea. - Apr 2012

Plenty of the standard Middle East items. There isn't much unique to Jordan. - Mar 2012

Syrian furniture and glass. - Mar 2012

Mosaics, pottery, local carpets. - Aug 2011

Some furniture and pottery. - Aug 2011

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