Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

We have, but not as much as we thought we would. - Mar 2016

Sure, if you don't go out a lot (it's an expensive city for dining and shopping). - Mar 2016

Yes, but budget for food, hotels and excursions. Also school has expensive trips to plan for. - Nov 2015

Not really. - Mar 2015

Depends on how you live. It's expensive to visit Israel. The grocery store can pack a wallop (we're a family of 6). If you travel to Europe you'll spend to your last dime. Staying at the resorts is expensive. Housekeepers/nannies aren't free. But if you like to adventure out, take day trips, eat local, walk/bike, follow a guide-book... you'll do just fine. - Jul 2014

It's possible, but hard. Things are really expensive here so you just have to order via amazon if that's an option for you or try to buy local products and steer clear of the malls. - Mar 2014

Not sure, maybe. - Dec 2013

Yes, if you don't intend to travel to much. - Aug 2013

Yes. - Jul 2013

Yes, if you don't leave Jordan. Driving to Israel is great, but it is a very expensive country. Flying out of Jordan to anywhere is incredibly expensive. - May 2013

Absolutely! Just try not to go to the Dead Sea every weekend! - Mar 2013

It is possible. - Apr 2012

If you try hard. - Mar 2012

If you choose to, but you can also spend a great deal of money. One night in the nicest hotel in Jordan is half of what you'd pay in Dubai, but you can easily spend $300/week on groceries. - Mar 2012

Yes, not a lot but some. - Aug 2011

Absolutely! The cost of living is so inexpensive that I think most people save quite a bit. - Aug 2011


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