Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Sense of right and wrong, civic pride, tank tops, but really, keep your values. I continue to stand up for what is right, now matter if no one else does, don't let this place change your sense of right and wrong. - Aug 2023

Walking shoes - Aug 2023

Preconceived ideas about Islam - Jul 2022

Any propagandized negative stereotypes of Muslims and Arabs or the Middle East in general. - Oct 2021

Outdoor activities. - Feb 2021

Short shorts and mini skirts, complaints, expectations of a house and yard with grass. - Jan 2021

Heavy winter stuff... it gets chilly but think Spring. - Dec 2020

Shorts and tank tops. - Sep 2020

Shorts and mini-skirt collections, car turn signal, punctuality. - Sep 2018

Misconceptions about Muslims and Palestine. - Mar 2017

Dreams of saving a ton of money. - Mar 2016

Clubbing outfits, short skirts. - Mar 2016

Bikes. I didn't believe it and brought ours. For sure leave the kids' bikes behind. Some adults go on bike rides around town and outside; your fear of driving aggressively. - Nov 2015

Shorts, tanktops, bikes, rollerblades. - May 2015

Short-shorts, bicycle, club gear, expectation that things will work the way they're supposed to. - Mar 2015

Skis? I'm not sure actually. Jordan has a little bit of everything - snow, rain, desert, heat, history, modernity, easy travel in-country, proximity to Europe, grocery stores, recently released movies... did I mention IKEA? - Jul 2014

Stroller and frisbee. - Mar 2014

Umbrella. - Dec 2013

Perception that Jordan culture is as conservative or stifling as the Gulf countries. - Jul 2013

medicine (for the most part). If you have something you really need, check before you come to make sure it is here. Many prescription drugs are available over the counter for much cheaper prices than in the US. - May 2013

Impatience, first-world standards. Things don't always happen right away, and Jordanians are NEVER wrong. But just keep smiling and all will be well. - Apr 2012

Bike (Amman is very hilly). - Mar 2012

Respectful driving, as here it's every man for himself. Also any notion you had of Middle Eastern food, as here you'll get the real deal. - Aug 2011

bikes. The roads are not safe for biking. - Aug 2011

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