Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

Decent enough and getting better. - May 2013

Yes, there are vets and kennels. - Mar 2013

Vets are available, and again, we haven't had and problems. Our vet (we have taken in a few cats while staying here) makes house calls. - Apr 2012

NO. There are vets available, but most of them are NOT good care, and it is nothing like in the States, no matter how the vet's office looks and feels like a vet back home. There is a kennel, though, and the owners are great people. That said, any time we travel we have our maid stay to watch the dogs. It's worth the money in my book. Dogs are generally not welcome here, and we always get looks, harassing comments, etc., any time we walk the dogs or have them in the car. Or we scare people -- there is a great cultural fear of dogs here. - Mar 2012

We don't really know, but we've heard it's not great. Arabs don't like dogs as a general rule. - Mar 2012

Lots of vets that make house calls and for a decent price. - Aug 2011

There are vets around, and cats are EVERYWHERE. But of course, the muslim people do not care for dogs. Plenty of americans brought their dogs, however, and I was never aware of any problems. - Aug 2011

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