Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical care is very good here and affordable. - Aug 2023

Mold in residences is common. Healthcare seems fine here but medevacs are not uncommon. Lots of people have allergies to things like olive trees. Everyone smokes everywhere, and excessive perfume/cologne is common, so your lungs will be in poor shape. - Aug 2023

Medical care is nice, although perhaps not high quality. - Jul 2023

Medical care here is very good and very affordable. People do everything here. - Mar 2023

Olive trees give off a lot of pollen so we have allergies during that season. A lot of dust and sand during certain times. Very good medical care in general. Excellent doctors and facilities. People medivac for serious surgeries but I have known people to deliver kids here and do other emergency surgeries here and all is fine. - Jul 2022

Jordan has a range of public and private hospitals and clinics. I actually had to go to a private one when my wife and I were in an accident. The services were good, and the hospital equipment is standard (x-ray, lab, internal medicine, general practice, etc). The ambulance system is also pretty good. However if you have a major life-threatening incident or need some specialized medical procedure, it's best to medivac to Germany/UK or go back to the US. - Oct 2021

Traffic and the lack of being able to walk, run, bike has an adverse impact on health. Medical care per se is good. Dental care is ok. Many people choose to get orthodontia done, though a follow up consult Stateside indicated that the orthodontia we had done was not as advanced as stateside and required some attention ($5000). - Feb 2021

We have received excellent medical and dental care. Usually with shorter wait times. I think my root canal was about $750 from a British trained Dental specialist. The specialists the embassy refers you to will speak English very well, and have probably studied and trained in a Western country. There is a reason why people with medical concerns are able to come here. People have babies here all the time. You will be medivaced if the Health Unit feels the problem is beyond local care. - Jan 2021

Terrible air quality but I've learned to be fine and am always running air purifiers in the home. Allergies in the spring. As a medical professional, the health care here is horrible. Nurses are uneducated and do not maintain proper hand hygiene. You can be stuck in the hospital and your nurse at night won't speak any English. Hospitals are very beautiful and clean and the med unit is mostly helpful. You medivac to London. Many women feel comfortable having babies here but obviously not recommended if you know anything about healthcare. - Dec 2020

Great medical and dental care available at very reasonable prices. - Sep 2020

My youngest daughter has constant respiratory issues while there. Dust, olive pollen, mold and pests in home. I would not recommend coming here with severe asthma or other respiratory problems. - Sep 2018

I can't think of any. Medical care is good. Pregnancies usually require a medevac. - Sep 2018

Health care is excellent, some expats choose to stay here to give birth. The US embassy has a great medical unit and there are specialists for referrals. - Mar 2017

This is a medical tourism destination, so there is great medical care. - Jul 2016

Allergies. Worrying about being injured in a car accident due to crazy drivers. Good medical care locally. We've been pleased. Doctors take their time with you and call for follow up later. - Mar 2016

The Med Unit at the Embassy is great and the hospitals are fine--lots of expat women have babies here. - Mar 2016

no concerns, and there are hospitals and doctors available. Braces are much cheaper here. I went to a local orthodontist trained in Russia and paid $1700. Others have paid up to $3000. - Nov 2015

There are decent hospitals in Amman for minor health problems. I wouldn't have anything major done here, however. Dental and orthodontia are cheap and good. - May 2015

I've gotten several stomach bugs and parasites from the water here. Medical care is decent but they tend to over-medicate (I've had antibiotics prescribed to me for viruses, which I can't seem to explain to my doctor doesn't make any sense). - Mar 2015

Amman is a medical tourism destination. Doctors of all sorts are found here and the quality is decent. Some medical issues still require medevac, and though MED prefers all women medevac for pregnancy delivery, many women give birth here. - Jul 2014

Air/allergies affect people the most. That said, Jordan has pretty good medical care and a lot of people come here for medical care from other countries. I know several people who have had babies here and thought it was great -- we also see a dentist here and a pediatrician who are great. - Mar 2014

You need to drink filtered/boiled water. You can find most of what you need for medical care here. - Dec 2013

Medical care is pretty good. - Aug 2013

Hit or miss. Jordan has many excellent specialists trained in the U.S. and U.K. The hospitals and clinics can look a little run down with cleanliness not always to U.S. standards. Your doctor will give you his or her cell phone number and actually answer your calls. - Jul 2013

A lot of allergies because dust is everywhere, as is pollen, in the spring. Medical care is plenty good for the basic stuff, but for anything major you are better off leaving the country. Dental care is good. Mental health services are virtually nonexistent (other than the embassy psychiatrist who travels a lot and is not at the embassy much because her position is regional). A number of people who have curtailed did so because of the lack of mental health services for either themselves or their kids. - May 2013

Health care is decent. Dental care is decent and not expensive. Lots of people have been getting their vision corrected and have been very happy with the results. It's about one-fourth of the cost in the States. I wouldn't have major surgery here, but everything else is good. Most doctors and dentists were trained in the US or UK. - Mar 2013

Pharmacies are numerous and you can get almost anything just for asking. Medical care is generally good, just remember that procedures pay. So pay attention to what is being done, and don't be afraid to ask, "Why?"We haven't had any problems, and we have made a few trips to ER. - Apr 2012

Knock on wood, we've never had any major issues. I know people that have had successful care here, and lots of people have had babies here. Personally, I wouldn't, but hey. For anything serious, I'd go back to the States or over to Israel. - Mar 2012

Medical care is excellent, some of the best in the region. You are still in the third world, however, and everyone deals with food-borne illness at some point. - Mar 2012

Americans tend to go to one hospital that has high quality medical care. - Aug 2011

The quality of medical care is generally okay, regarding physicians' knowledge, etc., but the hospitals can be close to unsanitary. My husband was hospitalized for three days and it was fine, but you have to close your eyes to the unsanitary actions of the nurses, etc. I would not choose to have any serious medical procedure done there. - Aug 2011

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