Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

There are some clubs reforming after Covid (lockdowns banned all socializing for a long time). In Amman, people mainly socialize at restaurants. Cultural events like exhibits, concerts, etc are very rare and almost impossible to find (no advertising). No sporting events. Lots of local holidays but no public celebrations/festivals for them. - Aug 2023

Pools, apartments. - Jul 2023

So many groups, so many opportunities to do stuff. The Community Liaison Office (CLO) at the embassy does a super job in organizing events for families and singles, a big variety including restaurants and trips. - Mar 2023

We haven't found any besides getting to know FSNs at work. - Jul 2022

Expats and Jordanians often hang out together outside of work. It is common for the 20-something expats to go to the nightclubs and bars with their Jordanian counterparts. There are also many co-mingled running, biking, and hiking groups, most of which have Facebook pages. Most expats also really enjoy exploring the country with friends. - Oct 2021

Good restaurants. Dead and Red Sea resorts. - Feb 2021

There are many clubs and activities, eg. running, hiking, ultimate frisbee, service organisations, faith communities. - Jan 2021

Book club, running groups (Amman Runner) - Sep 2020

Book clubs and embassy functions. - Sep 2018

BBQ outdoors almost all year-round. The embassy has weekly pizza night, monthly Taco and Trivia night, etc. There could be more things happening, but I think that there are plenty of things to do if you look for them. Even locally there are great things to do like desert camping and going to the Dead Sea for the weekend. Jordan is packed with little interesting day trips, too. - Sep 2018

Jordanian culture is very tribal or family based so it can be hard to truly break in, even though the people are very kind and hospitable. There are lots of activities like hiking, biking, music, and art that can be an entree for like minded people. There are many Facebook and WhatsApp groups for both general and niche interests. - Mar 2017

The schools are always great for meeting other parents. There are walking, hiking, and cycling groups and other activities going on around town. - Jul 2016

People go out to dinner or the movies, hang out at the Marine House on a nice evening, or people entertain at home. - Mar 2016

The Jordanian Culture eats late. When we go out around 6:00pm getting a seat at a restaurant is usually easy. It doesn't get hoppin until around the time we leave. So restaurants, movies, outdoor shopping at Old Town City Center (that is the only place that women should be covered from elbow to ankles. It is a more traditional part of town), malls. and plain old hanging out at the embassy and having dinner. Kids- play dates, soccer practice, baseball/sports. OBO is working on a big mutli-year remodel. They are taking out the pool now but will have a little smaller pool built this spring behind the ambassadors' house. That will be open to the mission until OBO rebuilds a big pool and Club house. A lot of families go home for the summer but the kids who stay here in Jordan swim everyday. - Nov 2015

It's patio weather at least 8 months of the year, so eating al fresco is always nice (either at home or at a restaurant, as long as you're okay with heavy shisha smoke). - Mar 2015

For the US embassy personnel, a lot revolves around the Embassy and other people's houses. There are a lot of restaurants in town, movies, occasional concerts, and documentaries. - Mar 2014

Going to movies. Going to receptions at people's homes. - Dec 2013

Not much to do except go to restaurants or malls or home gatherings. - Aug 2013

Amman has a decent variety of things happening all the time. For nightlife, there generally isn't mixing between groups of people. You can't easily walk up to a group of strangers and make friends, but if you're introduced by a mutual friend then they'll quickly adopt you. - Jul 2013

Really not much. Mainly hanging out at the embassy pool when the weather is nice enough, and going on picnics--sometimes with friends. - May 2013

Restaurants, people's houses. - Mar 2013

As I have already mentioned, Amman has a variety of fantastic restaurants and lounges. Jordanians like to go out, and they stay out late. - Apr 2012

This is also a mixed bag, per my earlier comments. There are plenty of clubs that are just like back home if that is your thing, lots of options for dining out, etc. Sometimes there are comedy shows, theater, concerts etc, but I would say those are few and far between. - Mar 2012

Jordan has a lot of nightlife, we have several single friends who enjoy it very much. - Mar 2012

Going out to dinner, smoking shisha, hanging out with friends are the usual outings. - Aug 2011

Plenty of restaurants and bars, hookah lounges, etc., and the embassy community is very active with consistent events. - Aug 2011


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