Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

At the embassy. - Aug 2023

There are a lot of embassy jobs. Like most places, people tend to be overqualified and they are competitive. - Jul 2023

Most work in EFM jobs at the embassy. Some work as teachers at the international schools or telework. Not sure about other local jobs. - Jul 2022

Jordan has a high unemployment rate, so I don't believe there is much on the local market. Most spouses had their own gigs with external governments or NGOs, or teleworked. - Oct 2021

EFM jobs are plentiful at post, though there are limited local work opportunities. Because the internet is so good here, many spouses telework to U.S.-based companies. - Apr 2021

Many jobs for EFMs, an excellent program at post. - Feb 2021

Lots work through the embassy, NGOs or remotely from home countries. - Jan 2021

A decent amount of EFM jobs available at the very large embassy. As an entry level EFM, I was paid $19/hr. - Dec 2020

I telecommuted full-time, but was eventually laid off as I was told the company did not feel Jordan was secure enough. Most spouses worked inside embassy or not at all. I feel spouses are never paid what they’re worth in embassy jobs, and most don’t do it for the money. It is a means to be out of the house, meet people, and keep an active resume. - Sep 2018

I taught for a year on the local economy. It was a good opportunity, but I won't do it again because the pay was about half of what I am used to making. Many jobs are available at post, but there is always that "Do I really have a master's degree to be a secretary?" sigh when perusing the newsletter job announcements. - Sep 2018

Many embassy jobs and some in the NGO community and at schools. Getting work permits can be difficult, there is a big problem with jobless youth and college grads so the government tries hard to prevent foreigners from taking what jobs there are. - Mar 2017

Embassy EFM employment. The post needs Speech and Language Therapists! - Jul 2016

Nope. You'll need to work for the Embassy. - Mar 2016

Some - Nov 2015

There are a few jobs at the UN, schools and NGO's. - May 2015

Not really, unless you are in the aid/development field. Arabic would be essential. - Mar 2015

Yes. Please check with the Global Employment Advisor (GEA/GEI) and the Local Expatriate Spouse Association (LESA). The U.S. has a de facto work agreement with Jordan, so each position is determined individually. Many members run home-based businesses, after COM approval. - Jul 2014

It is varied. There are opportunities but they don't all pay well so it really depends on your expectations. But I do know a lot of people who work in AID/NGO type work. There are also a lot of teaching jobs, etc. - Mar 2014

Most who want to work do so at the Embassy. Local wages are much lower. - Dec 2013

Not really. - Aug 2013

Not really. Pay is very low on the local economy, and most organizations want Arabic fluency. Also, as Americans affiliated with the US Embassy we are prohibited from going to a number of places near the border, refugee camps, etc., which limits jobs that might be available through the UN and NGOs. For US Embassy employee spouses, the best opportunities are through the US Embassy or ACS (if you are a teacher). Many spouses here work, as there is not much else to do if you don't have small kids. - May 2013

No - Mar 2013

There are some job opportunities. - Apr 2012

Not really. - Mar 2012

Yes, English is very much in demand and we have a number of friends who have local jobs. - Mar 2012

Not really as most spouses of embassy employees tend to get jobs at the embassy. - Aug 2011

There are very few that I am aware of. - Aug 2011

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