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What English-language religious services are available locally?

I think so, at least Catholic churches. - Aug 2023

There's a Catholic Church with services in English. - Jul 2023

There is a very large and active Mormon group within the embassy community. I know there is a Catholic church nearby. Not sure about others. - Jul 2022

While Jordan is primarily Muslim, there are other religions that have establishments. There are a number of Christian churches, although I do not know the denominations aside from Catholic. The Jordanian government is accepting of non-Muslim religions in-country. - Oct 2021

I know of English speaking Christian services (Catholic, Anglican/Episcopal, Baptist, Non-Denominational) and LDS. Current options are printed in the Embassy newsletter. - Jan 2021

There are a few Christian churches to choose from that are pretty small and close community with children services. - Dec 2020

Several church services available. - Sep 2020

For churches, there are many to choose from. We go to Amman International Church which is great. Our kids enjoy the weekly youth group that is a mix of kids from several different churches. For another Protestant service, there is Oasis International Church. We also have friends who go to the Anglican Church led by an Australian pastor. As for Catholic churches, I have a friend who said she is happy with one she found in her neighborhood. - Sep 2018

A few Christian congregations offer English services, including Catholic, Adventists, Evangelical, Mormon. - Mar 2017

There are options. Check out the Embassy newsletter, which offers specific contact information. - Jul 2016

Christian, including Catholic, LDS, and Evangelical. - Nov 2015

Catholic, Mormon, Protestant. - May 2015

Each available Christian faith offers English language services. Jewish services are not available. - Jul 2014

There are a few. I know there are several Catholic churches, AIC is the main international English speaking church; also, there is an Anglican church and something called Oasis. Most meet on Saturday evenings. - Mar 2014

Yes. - Jul 2013

Yes - there is a Mormon church, an Anglican church, a Catholic church, and some non-denominational churches. - May 2013

Yes. There is a Protestant church, Catholic and Mormon. - Mar 2013

Yes, Catholic, Protestant, LDS, Orthodox Christian. - Apr 2012

People should be pleasantly surprised by this: there are a number of options to choose from, many different Christian denominations, obviouly plenty of Mosques to choose from, and there is even a decent-sized LDS population. - Mar 2012

Anglican, Catholic, LDS, and Evangelical Protestant services are all available. Most services are in the evening. - Mar 2012

Most denominations available. - Aug 2011

- Aug 2011

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