Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Zain will give you a cheap local line, like 3-10 USD per month. - Aug 2023

Zain - really cheap plan with the embassy - Jul 2023

Local provider. The Embassy has an agreement for a very reasonable plan. - Mar 2023

We use Zain. It is very affordable. If you are coming with the embassy, it is 5jd a month (about $7). A rep comes to the embassy and arranges it all for you. - Jul 2022

I used my embassy-provided phone, but many Jordanians had smartphones. I assume the local provider is affordable. - Oct 2021

Local cell service is cheap and pretty good. The Embassy has a good deal through Zain, but Orange is better for getting service when wayyyy out in the desert. - Apr 2021

Local provider. Check your bills. CHECK THEM. Several errors and hard to fix. - Feb 2021

I personally use ZEIN (see above) but Orange network is also recommended. - Jan 2021

We use Zain here and its super easy and fairly cheap. 20JD a month. - Dec 2020

I use a dual sim phone with a Zain sim and Google fi sim. - Sep 2020

Local providers are good enough and not expensive. It took me ages to realize that voicemails aren’t used here. Everyone used WhatsApp for messaging. Many video calls from abroad are blocked. - Sep 2018

We use Zain. It has been good. We recently installed magic jack, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to be bombarded with telemarketing calls. My husband uses it to call the US, so I tolerate it. I do turn down the ringer so it's more of line that we use to call out and not receive calls. We also have Skype that we use on occasion. Facebook messenger is a favorite of mine for calling friends and family back home in the US. - Sep 2018

Big providers are Zain and Orange with reasonable plans. Be careful about exceeding allowable data however, that gets expensive fast. - Mar 2017

I think there are two providers, but I have little experience here other than to say that no one seems to complain. - Jul 2016

Bring an unlocked phone and just buy the SIM card from a local provider. - Mar 2016

I use Orange. The plans are cheaper than in the U.S. Try to bring an unlocked phone. - Nov 2015

Cell phones are super cheap here. Zain has a plan for 1jd a month through the embassy. I have an iPhone and the data plan is cheap. - May 2015

After a year of frustration with a post-paid plan with Orange (who kept cutting off our service because they'd change the plan and not tell us), I gave up and bought a prepaid Zain sim card. Prepaid seems to be a lot easier to manage yourself and Zain has much better coverage outside of Amman. - Mar 2015

Everyone has one, get one. Or two (a lot of people carry a work phone and a personal phone). The phone companies are OK as far as cell service but terrible across the board for customer service. Actually, you'll find that customer service in any industry here is pretty abysmal. Accept that and your life gets much better very quickly. - Jul 2014

There are several companies, though Zain and Umniyah tend to be the most popular - Mar 2014

If you bring an unlocked phone, you can easily buy pre-paid sim cards. There are also phone plans like you would find in the states. I also like to use the free-talk app and majic jack for calling the U.S. and having a U.S. phone number. - Dec 2013

Electronics are overpriced here. Bring an unlocked GSM phone that will take a SIM card. The service is extremely inexpensive compared to U.S. prices, including data plans. Yes there is 4G data, yes it's inexpensive, yes it's good quality. - Jul 2013

We are fine with the plan from Zain that we get through the US Embassy. - May 2013

Zain or Orange. - Mar 2013

Everyone has a cell phone. Most plans are pre-paid, but the Embassy has recently offered a phone plan through Zain that I am completely happy with. - Apr 2012

Plenty of coverage. Data networks (3G, etc) are limited so dont expect to breaking out your iphone and using all your apps all the time. - Mar 2012

Cell phones are widely used, relatively cheap, and service is reliable. - Mar 2012

Zain through the US Embassy has fabulous deals. - Oct 2011

Thriving cell phone providers here and many phone options available. However, buying a high end phone can be much more expensive than in the US.If you can get an unlocked one back in the US it might be best. - Aug 2011

I know some people who brought theirs from the US (BlackBerries, etc.) but it's easiest just to buy a cheap phone locally. They don't even have voicemail on most plans, but you can 'pay as you go' for really cheap. I would put 40 JD ($55) on my phone every 3 months or so, and that was all that I would need. - Aug 2011


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