Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

No buses, trams, or trains but taxis and Ubers are fine. - Aug 2023

Uber and Careem are cheap and available in Amman but full of cigarette smoke. Taxis are aggressive and insult you if you decline a ride in Aqaba (no Uber there). No other real options for transportation. - Aug 2023

Ubers and taxis are affordable and smoky. - Jul 2023

Taxis and Ubers are very plentiful and inexpensive. There is no bus system (that I've noticed). - Mar 2023

Taxis and uber are safe and affordable. There are no local buses, trams or trains. - Jul 2022

There are no trams or trains, but taxis and Ubers are available and safe. If you are a man, it is no problem. If you are a woman, you may occasionally be verbally harassed. My wife had this happen once or twice, but it is not common. - Oct 2021

Ubers and taxis are relatively safe and affordable. The safety isn't from being robbed, mostly distracted drivers on their phones. - Apr 2021

Uber and Kareem are easy enough. Local taxi drivers smoke, so Uber is better. - Feb 2021

Taxis are metered, but you will need to know your taxi Arabic. Uber and Kareem are options for people who can manage a smart phone. They can bill directly to your credit card. I have not had any safety issues personally, but it pays to be less engaging if you are a single female. - Jan 2021

Uber and the local version- Careem, are very cheap and safe. - Dec 2020

Uber is very affordable. - Sep 2020

No to buses. People used taxis and uber. Uber was not running legally when we were there. I didn’t feel comfortable using them alone, so mostly drove. - Sep 2018

I see local buses, but I wouldn't take one. They might be safe, but they seem crowded and slow. No trams or trains, but taxis are safe and affordable. Uber is great, too. - Sep 2018

Taxis are fine and affordable. Uber has gotten very popular here. Buses are not recommended. - Mar 2017

Taxis are fine if you have the language. Even if you don't have the language, the taxis are okay for easy-to-find locations. - Jul 2016

Cabs are fine but you need some Arabic. - Mar 2016

Taxis are OK and cheap, buses are off-limits. - Mar 2016

Taxi's are cheap and plentiful. We don't ride the bus. The cost to the school is a little under $2. It is the law that the taxi's have to be metered. Make sure your taxi has one or they will try to charge triple. - Nov 2015

Public transportation is limited to taxis. We were warned not to have females ride alone in taxis. I have ridden alone in them a few times, without any problems. Our teenage sons take them all the time, with no problems. Be warned that most taxi drivers smoke--even with no smoking stickers on their windshields. There is a limited bus service in Amman, but we are advised not to use it. Jett Bus is available and safe for trips to Petra. - May 2015

Taxis are very cheap and safe-ish, as long as you don't mind no seatbelts and smoking while driving (and talking on the cell phone). The city buses look terrifying, although the JETT bus to Petra is fine. - Mar 2015

Yellow taxis are a common form of transportation. There are no trains, and city buses are prohibited by RSO, though the JETT (Jordan Express Tourist Transport) bus to the tourist destinations are allowed. Typically, between work and home shouldn't cost more than 1JD. - Jul 2014

Taxis are safe and affordable IF they use the meter. Just make sure it's running before you go anywhere and get out if they tell you it's broken. I would not take the buses -- they are very crowded, and I don't even know if they have trains. - Mar 2014

I use taxis to commute, and they are affordable. I pay about US$3.00/day on taxis, round trip. - Dec 2013

Some taxis are fine but there are cultural rules for women to follow for safety. Make sure to agree on price ahead of time and know landmarks for where you want to go since addresses are not used. - Aug 2013

No trains. Buses are few and far between in western Amman. Taxis are safe. Women should always sit in the back seat or it's perceived as suggestive. Taxis at night for women traveling alone are not as safe or require a bit of caution. Most rides cost between US$1-3. - Jul 2013

Not really safe. Taxis are affordable. I prefer to drive myself. - May 2013

They are relatively safe and affordable. - Mar 2013

Taxis are cheap, but not all taxi drivers speak English. They are relatively safe, but there have been some issues from time-to-time. - Apr 2012

Taxis are prevalent and largely safe/cheap. - Mar 2012

Taxis are very cheap and fairly safe, very few incidents have been reported. We don't use buses as taxis are so affordable, and there is no other public transport. - Mar 2012

Local taxis are cheap ($1.40 per trip in Amman) and readily available. Buses are few and not recommended. - Oct 2011

Taxis are safe and cheap. Buses are also available but I've never used it. - Aug 2011

Taxis are generally NOT safe for women. There have been several unfortunate incidents regarding western women. There are buses, but I don't know anyone who took them because they don't look to be something you would want to ride on. However, taxis are EXTREMELY cheap. - Aug 2011

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