Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Yes. - Aug 2023

Credit cards are accepted throughout most of Amman and in hotels. Some places are cash-only. - Aug 2023

Yes - Jul 2023

Yes, anywhere. If you have wi-fi on your card, even better / faster. - Mar 2023

We use our credit cards. During the covid lockdowns, we did have it "stolen" when we were charging it with home delivery but haven't had a problem using it at actual stores. We have only used the ATM at the embassy and that has never been a problem. - Jul 2022

Yes, credit cards are accepted and safe at most establishments in Amman and at the major ones in the smaller towns in Jordan. Even many of the family-owned small shops in rural areas use them. You'll need cash for other things like grabbing a shawarma on the street in a tiny town. - Oct 2021

Credit cards are taken almost everywhere in Amman and in most tourist locations (including the Bedouin stalls inside Petra). I use ATMs often and they are very safe, but the fees vary widely from $1.50 to $10 to withdraw cash. The embassy has a cashier that will cash checks for a $1 fee that a lot of people use. - Apr 2021

Yes, widely accepted. - Feb 2021

I have had no problem using credit cards. ATM's are common and there are many to choose from. Smaller stores will work better with cash. - Jan 2021

Yes you can use CCs and ATMs but its a very cash based economy. ATMS always come with risks. - Dec 2020

Yes. Credit cards widely used and accepted. - Sep 2020

You will need to carry cash, though many places accept cards. We only used the embassy ATM. We didn’t have any problems in this regard. - Sep 2018

Yes. Yes. Yes. No problems at all. - Sep 2018

Mainly a cash economy but many grocery stores and restaurants take credit cards. ATMS are easy to find and, in most areas, safe to use. - Mar 2017

I use my credit card and have not had any problems. - Jul 2016

We have never had a problem - Mar 2016

ATMs are safe; credit cards are fine; however, smaller shops don't always take them. - Mar 2016

I use credit cards at larger Grocery Stores and Restaurants. The only ATM I know about is in the U.S. Embassy that is only open to employees. - Nov 2015

Credit cards are widely used at grocery stores, large restaurants and malls. Use cash in produce stands and bread stores. - May 2015

Easy - I've never had a problem. - Mar 2015

There's an ATM in the Embassy and a number of them around the Embassy. We've used them fine, including the ones at the Taj Mall. Primarily, Amman is a cash society so aside from the malls and restaurants in Abdoun, or the tourist destinations, you won't use your CC too much. OK, also - Jul 2014

While credit cards are becoming more accepted, it is a cash based culture. We use ATMs affiliated with banks here without any problems. More and more vendors are also offering to charge your credit card in US$ or JD, so that's nice for people who want the option. - Mar 2014

I use them all the time. Most gas stations are cash-only, but a few take credit cards. I use my credit cards at the grocery stores or malls. - Dec 2013

Credit card use is possible, but there can be complications, especially with Mastercard. ATMs are available but not always in the places you need them, and fees are high. - Aug 2013

ATMs are everywhere and easy/safe to use. Credit cards are generally not used except at major hotels or well established dining locations. - Jul 2013

You can use them. - May 2013

You can use your credit card just about anywhere. There are lots of ATMS. - Mar 2013

Small markets accept cash, larger super-markets will accept Visa and MasterCard. However if a merchant accepts credit cards, it will most likely only accept Visa. We only have a MasterCard, and we do just fine. There are many ATM's, including one at the Embassy. - Apr 2012

ATMs all over, many places accept cards, it's never really been an issue for me. - Mar 2012

Widely available and generally safe to use. - Mar 2012

No problem. - Oct 2011

Available everywhere and are safe. - Aug 2011

Not many places take credit cards (restaurants, etc.) and if they do, they require a manager to handle it, etc., so it's easiest to use cash. ATMs are everywhere. - Aug 2011

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