Amman - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

No. Especially not for women. Families are fine, it's not a great place though. - Aug 2023

Singles and couples: No, the entire community at post is about families with kids. It would be difficult to date locals due to differing relationship expectations. There isn’t much to do once you’ve hit the main destinations. Families: Everything is about and geared towards families with young kids. Jordanians love kids too, and every event is kid-friendly. - Aug 2023

For everyone I think. - Mar 2023

I think it would be difficult for single people because it is difficult to date in the local culture. That said, there is a thriving bar/club scene here and I think couples and singles in the embassy do a good job of connecting and getting together. - Jul 2022

For families and couples, it is wonderful. There are so many amazing adventures to be had throughout the country. It might be a different story for singles, but there is definitely a thriving nightclub and bar scene, so the opportunities are there. I will say that dating is not a cultural norm. It's definitely done, but sort of on the down-low among some of the more liberal younger Jordanians. - Oct 2021

This is tough. It depends on your housing. If you have a yard, it is great for small kids. If you don't, I imagine it is hell. Middle schoolers it is hit or miss, depending on what they like to do. HS, not sure. I am happy I did not have a high schooler here. - Feb 2021

There are many families here - but larger families need to see my comment about housing being inadequate. - Jan 2021

For families I think it is fabulous, aside from the lack of green space. Near the embassy are at least 2 nice parks and one of them has a little bit of grass. The embassy has 2 playgrounds- 1 for kids and 1 for older kids. The embassy has a large pool and a small kiddie pool for AECSA members. The embassy also has a tennis court, enough space to ride bikes or scooter, and a soccer field. All of the malls have large indoor play areas for kids... - Dec 2020

It's a good place if you like to go out to bars and restaurants and smoke shisha. Not great if you like having outdoor space and doing outdoors activities close to your home. - Sep 2020

I think it would be difficult to come here as a single unless you traveled a lot. It’s pretty boring and dating outside of the embassy wouldn’t be common. - Sep 2018

Yes, but I wouldn't assume that the dating scene is similar to the one in the US. singles here seem to have fun mixing and mingling. For couples and families, it's a great post- just speaking from experience. - Sep 2018

For families, we've found that it is great. Very family and child friendly, safe with appropriate activities. For singles it can be tricky to break in, there is not a lot of dating with foreigners, particularly for Muslims although it does happen. A lot of my single friends find Amman a bit sleepy but they still enjoy it. - Mar 2017

It appears to be good for families and couples, but much harder for single women, due to social norms and prevailing male attitudes toward women. - Jul 2016

I'd say best for couples. Hard for singles. Families? Maybe good 5 years ago. Before we came we heard what a great family list it was. I think times have changed. There is a massive construction project going on now that took away the pool and club which were central to embassy life. The playground was replaced, which is great. However, there is no longer space to ride bikes which is tough since Amman is not/not pedestrian friendly. There should be a small temporary pool soon but everything is in flux now. The embassy is busting at the seams and is just huge now. Adding to that is the work pace. It's just brutal and not family friendly. It's a war zone pace at a family post. Kind of a sprinting marathon. Be prepared. - Mar 2016

Good for families and couples--from what I've heard it's hard for singles. - Mar 2016

Good for families and couples. I think it is a little harder for singles. The dating norms here are different than in America. Usually the girls are set up on a date through family connections. - Nov 2015

It's a great post for families. I think that singles might find it a little boring, as there isn't a vibrant night-life. But there is a good community feeling through the embassy. And the CLO does a lot of fun activities--especially for families. - May 2015

Families seem to enjoy it here because it's a big diplomatic spot so there are lots of other families and some of the embassies have pools/clubs. For child-free couples and singles it's a bit boring as there's not a lot of night-life. Single men do a lot better on the local dating scene than single women, although the cultural differences can create a fair bit of drama. - Mar 2015

Yes, yes, yes. Security issues aside, there is something for everyone here. Having said that, Jordan is not a big country and you can see/do everything you'd want to at least once within a year. People who aren't into outdoorsy stuff can get bored over time. How many times can you go to Petra? (Four at last count.) How many times can you go to Jerash? (Four at last count). How many times can you go to the Dead Sea? (Three at last count). You get the idea. We've only gone to Aqaba once so far because a) it's 4 hours away and b) the quickest way to get there is along the Desert Highway which is currently prohibited through a particular town which means a roundabout way that adds a couple hours. Singles tend to stick together and create their own fun with trips to Wadi Mujib or Wadi Rum or the Dead Sea. There are several organizations that arrange weekly hikes and trips all around the country (Tropical Desert and Experience Jordan are only two of them). - Jul 2014

This is a great city for families, as Jordanians love children and families can find a lot of activities here. The major downside is a lack of outdoor parks/play space. Most families take their children to indoor play areas, or museums, etc., because of the lack of parks. I think singles and couples do fine here, though Amman feels like a small town and it doesn't take too long before you've sort of done it all. It is probably the most ideal place for people with small children. - Mar 2014

Good for families. The Embassy has a club, but the club venue will be changing in 2014 most likely. There is a huge construction project planned which will relocate the restaurant and pool. I think singles struggle here; not sure about couples. Despite the large expat community and club, I can't say that the community is close. People tend to do their own thing or only socialize with others from their own office. Speaking of the office, in some sections it tends to be a busy, workaholic atmosphere. There are many visitors here. - Dec 2013

It is a good city for families but not much to do for singles or couples. - Aug 2013

Families yes, couples maybe, singles depends on the person. - Jul 2013

For families yes. I'm not as sure about singles and couples. It's really kind of dull. - May 2013

Great for families. Singles and couples seem to do well here. - Mar 2013

There is a lot to do in Amman, and there are many quality restaurants. Most of the big hotels have lounges that are first rate. Therefore, singles and families are fairly happy. However, if you are single, your dating pool is fairly restricted. You probably won't be dating a local and will have to find someone at the Embassy. This is a good family post. As I have already mentioned, the locals love children. There is a little league type sports league which offers Soccer, baseball/T-ball; there is Tae Kwon Do, etc. Lots for the kids to do. The Embassy also has a great pool - we spend a lot of time at the pool. - Apr 2012

Amman has a history of being a great family pos, and there certainly are a lot of families. That said, not everyone here right now is happy. The Embassy compound is nice enough and parents tend to let their kids run wild because it's a safe place....I get it, but it can be really annoying. I think if one was single and made an extra effort to meet people outside the Embassy community they would be happy. - Mar 2012

Great for families, good for couples, okay for singles. - Mar 2012

Good family post since most social activity is centered around the US Embassy, its playground, and swimming pool. - Oct 2011

Excellent for both. My single friends and married friends love it here. - Aug 2011

Couples, yes. We were able to go out a bit to the movies, dinner, etc., but otherwise, activities are pretty limited. - Aug 2011

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