Copenhagen - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Copenhagen has lots of cool museums and other sites. I climbed to the top of the Church of Our Savior in Christanshavn which is a Baroque church where the staircase to the top of the bell tower is outside. It was awesome but there was definitely some vertigo. Copenhagen is an excellent and safe city to walk around. You can take the S-train or regular train to lots of cool places close to Copenhagen. The Viking ship museum in Roskilde is spectacular and there are some cool castles/palaces to see in Helsingor and Hillerod. - Feb 2022

Bornholm and Legoland are always fun with the kids. - Jun 2021

Mons Klint, castles, beaches, driving north through small towns, animal Safari, Legoland, Tivoli, Bakken, straget, Lalandia. If you can, travel to Barnholm and Faroe Islands. - Jul 2016

Getting out of Copenhagen and exploring all the little islands of Denmark. Enjoying a simple picnic on the pristine beaches watching Danes swim in the frigid water (even in the winter). Visiting one of the many museums in Copenhagen and having a fabulous meal at a cafe on a blustery winter day. - May 2014

Lots of history to see, the Danish royals built some amazing castles over the last 500 years and unlike a lot of Europe, Denmark was all but untouched by the war, so they are all in great shape. - Feb 2014

Too many to list, but it is a great city for people with kids as well as for people who like night life. - Aug 2011

There are a lot, but many are expensive. The cheaper activities: going to one of the many expansive parks and having a picnic, going to the beach (though the water is COLD, but that doesn't stop many Danes in the summer!), Bakken is one of the amusement parks, and offers free entrance, but the rides all cost money. That said, you can catch free performances/events in the park that make it worth going to, and the rides aren't horribly expensive. Legoland is a fun trip for kids, and Lalandia is an indoor amusement park/water park across the street from Legoland that is a LOT of fun. You can hit both in a long weekend. Walking along the Stroget (the pedestrian shopping street) can be inexpensive if you don't go in the stores -- there are plenty of street musicians and performers to entertain. Tivoli is an amusement park in the middle of the city, and if you plan on going more than twice during the season, buy a season pass for entrance. There are rides, and they cost money even after paying for admittance. There are also plenty of free performances, concerts, etc... in the park that make the season pass completely worth the cost. They open again for Halloween and for Christmas, and I would recommend going for both, as they go all out for both holidays. - Jul 2011

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