Paris - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Petty theft, pickpocketing, smashing of car windows, late night muggings, cell phone theft - Aug 2022

Petty theft, some physical attacks particularly in/near parks. Purse-snatching. Lots of pickpockets on the metro. - Jul 2020

Yes, obvious terrorism concerns, as well as pickpocketing and usually non-violent theft. Vigilance highly recommended. - Jan 2018

Pickpockets are plentiful and there are car and home break-ins. We have been lucky and have not experienced this personally. There is terrorism (Charlie Hebdo and other incidents) so an awareness of your surroundings is needed. - Aug 2015

Like any big city, watch your wallet/purse, especially on the metro. Some folks have had smartphones stolen out of their hands on the metro. Then there's the occasional terrorist attack... - Feb 2015

You need to be aware of your surroundings -- as in any larger city. There are many pickpockets on the metro. - Jun 2013

None. - Jan 2011

We know of numerous embassy folks who have been broken into. Professional burglars are in and out of apartments in a flash. Take care to double lock doors and keep windows closed when not home. Also, pick pockets are typical in congested areas and public transport. There are also a fair number of mentally ill people who can be quite unsettling as they rant to themselves on buses and metros. Still, I feel fairly safe here and just use common sense as anyone should in a big city. - Sep 2010

No personal security concerns, given a modicum of common sense... safer than DC, in other words. Awareness of your surroundings goes a long way against pickpocketing, which is common. I'd avoid certain RER lines at night but feel safe alone on the metro very late as a lone female. - Apr 2009

Nothing out of the ordinary for a big city. - Dec 2008

Within Paris or the outlying suburbs where most diplomats live, crime is not a huge problem. I feel safe taking the metro at night and walking home from the metro stop too. You do need to take basic precautions as you would in any large city, i.e. not carrying your wallet in your back pocket or not leaving purses unzipped and always carry your purse in front of you. Pickpockets usually look for an easy target. Don't leave belongings unattended in your car, but if you apply basic common sense, you won't have a problem. - Jun 2008


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