Paris - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

I would recommend moving here if there isn’t a chance you can be placed in either of the Embassy-owned compounds. Otherwise, I would absolutely recommend Paris. - May 2022

Yes. - Sep 2021

Absolutely! I would try to get out more often on weekend trips. - Jul 2020

In a heartbeat. - Jan 2018

Yes, yes, yes! - Aug 2015

Yes, absolutely. - Feb 2015

In a heartbeat. - Jun 2013

Yes. People only really complain that the Paris isn't exotic -- it's not much different from living in DC or New York. - Jan 2011

I love Paris and I am so thrilled to live here. However, I am glad it is for a limited time. This city feeds my mind, but it doesn't feed my soul. You will love the food, drink, music, art, and architecture, but you will crave fresh air, a sky full of stars, and and quiet nights. It's also hard to live amongst stern-faced hurried people. I miss smiles from strangers and orderly waiting lines and random small talk. I guess that's just life in a big city. If you get out into the French countryside, you can find these things. - Sep 2010

In a heartbeat! We'd put more effort up front into our French-language skills and to meeting people outside our work community. - Apr 2009

Yes, absolutely. - Dec 2008

No. - Jun 2008

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