Paris - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

None - Aug 2022

American peanut butter is very expensive here. - May 2022

Full furniture shipment, diplomats can buy at the commissary and employee store. So no needs. - Sep 2021

Spray deodorant, salsa, anything spicy. - Jan 2018

None. A lot of people seem to bring U.S. toilet paper, but since the local stuff is perfectly good, and you won't have much in the way of storage, I don't recommend that. - Feb 2015

Seasoning packets. I've always needed these everywhere I've lived. - Jun 2013

Necessities (umbrellas, trash cans) are expensive, while luxuries (wines, cheeses) are cheap. When we travel to the States we stock up on PUR water filters- it's a Brita country. Tights and pantyhose are outrageously expensive. Even during the semi-annual sales, clothing and shoes are way more expensive than in the US. - Jan 2011

We get anything we need through the DPO. - Sep 2010

We would bring more of our furniture because U.S. Embassy housing is generally spacious. We brought personal items like contact lens solution that are much cheaper at discount stores in the U.S. than in France. Pantyhose is really expensive here... and all clothing items can be had more cheaply in the U.S. - Apr 2009

Some over-the-counter medicines (e.g. hydrocortisone cream) are only available by prescription here. Clothes, except for shoes, tend to be very expensive, and dry cleaning is ridiculously high -- bring only wash-and-wear if you can. - Dec 2008

Everything is available here, but to save money, bring greeting cards, home office supplies, crock pot (eating at home saves a lot of money), car parts, tolietries, work clothes, or anything else you use frequently. You can buy everything you want here in Paris or order it through the Internet, you just have to wait for it to arrive. - Jun 2008

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