Paris - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Some pretty hot days in summer ("canicule"), but usually these are short-lived. Winter is more rainy than snowy, and not terribly cold. - Jul 2020

Wetter than you probably expect (think London), but overall lots of beautiful days too. And you can always sit outside on covered terraces thanks to space heaters. - Jan 2018

Climate is definitely varied. We've had some hot days this summer (at or near 100F degrees) but the winters have been pretty mild. We haven't had snow during the two winters we've been here. - Aug 2015

Summers are mild but can have a hot spell and there's precious little AC in this country. Winter will tend between 20-40F. Spring and fall are mild. Overall better weather than DC. - Feb 2015

Don't come here if you like hot summers. Summers are cool, but winters have not been that cold -- just long, rainy and gray. - Jun 2013

It rains for 15 minutes every day, but you never know when to expect it. - Jan 2011

The weather here is tolerable but is one of the least attractive aspects of living here. It gets very cold, windy, rainy, and dark in the winter months. Summer is unpredictable and we are always unsure how to dress. We wore coats and scarves through the third week of May this year. I think a major reason there are so many colds and respiratory illnesses is the always fluctuating weather. - Sep 2010

Significantly cooler than Washington most of the year, except the one week of each summer there is a heat wave and everyone wishes they had air-conditioning. Winters more mild than DC - no snow to speak of in Paris. Lots of grey, chilly days - including in the summer. - Apr 2009

Cloudy with showers (but little if any snow) in the winter; pleasant springs and falls; summer can be very variable, with cool rainy periods interspersed with hot spells (which seem hotter because there is little air conditioning here). - Dec 2008

Usually rainy/cool. There are short stretches of hot weather, but after a few days it is rainy/cooler again. When it is nice, take advantage of it, sit at a cafe and watch the world go by... - Jun 2008


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