Paris - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

You COULD but we've been having fun spending here. - Aug 2015

I hope not. If you are with the U.S. government and get a COLA then MAYBE, but you'll spend it travelling, if you have any sense. - Feb 2015

No... again, it's Paris! - Jun 2013

Maybe, but we figure it'll be easier to do that at our next post where there's nothing you'd want to spend money on. - Jan 2011

No.... seriously, come here for the extraordinary experience, but don't expect it to be cheap in any way. - Sep 2010

We have saved some money despite lots of travel... probably because we have foregone any shopping while here and mostly eaten our own cooking! - Apr 2009

Depends on the exchange rate, but you will probably want to enjoy the experience here rather than saving. - Dec 2008

Most people do not...if you are single or a couple without kids and do not have a lot of debt when you arrive, you can live off your paycheck and save your COLA if you bring your lunch to work and don't eat out a lot. If you take advantage of all the travel opportunities and wonderful restaurants in Paris, saving money will be tough. - Jun 2008


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