Paris - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical care is good quality from a technical point of view. Attitude of medical providers is often sub-standard and condescending. It can be difficult to have questions answered about your condition and your treatment. Doctors may treat you dismissively. - Aug 2022

Good medical care. - May 2022

Healthcare available. The French are often more blunt/direct than American counterparts and this is also true in medical offices. - Jul 2020

Mostly okay, it seemed. Embassy MED office is great and can recommend options. SOS Medicins will send a doctor to your home if you need help, which is pretty convenient. - Jan 2018

Health care is excellent and very available. I have paid cash for any doctors visits (around 100 euro) and medication is not expensive. - Aug 2015

Excellent medical care is available. - Feb 2015

None. Healthcare is good. But luckily, I have no experience. - Jun 2013

Even without insurance, prescriptions are cheaper than in the US. A visit to an English-speaking doctor might be 100 euros out of pocket. A colleague was knocked out by the flu and called the popular housecall doctor service. They charged less than US$100 to schlep out and treat him at his home! - Jan 2011

Medical care is great. SoS Medicine is a service where doctors make house calls 24/7. Pharmacies are on every corner, and prescriptions are affordable. My daughter had her tonsils out here, and my husband had hand surgery, and we were very pleased with the care. Expect ongoing coughs and colds at least six months of the year. My children have never been so sick. I try to ply them with vitamins and carry hand sanitizer. - Sep 2010

No health concerns we are aware of. Medical care is as good as in the U.S., and more affordable. Easy to find English-speaking medical professionals. - Apr 2009

The French medical system is of high quality. - Dec 2008

The Embassy has a French nurse who provides referrals to doctors/dentists in the city. This can be hard to get used to if coming from a smaller Embassy with an American nurse-practicioner, but makes sense since the French have excellent medical care. I have had great experiences with local doctors, dentists, and hospitals here. Similar to the U.S., you have to find a doctor, etc if you moved to a new area. You are expected to pay cash up front for the visit and then file a claim with your insurance company, but I have always been reimbursed quickly and have not had problems. - Jun 2008


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