Paris - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

At work: business smart, but also depends which office you're in. After-hours events are often dressed up. - Jul 2020

Suit and tie for work and work-related events. Quite formal. Outside of work, do try to dress smartly to fit in. No shorts or sneakers and definitely no white socks. Dark colors and scarves are key. - Jan 2018

The work environment seems to be suit and tie. In public, it is definitely business or smart casual. People wear jeans but they are neat and with a nice top and shoes. You do not see slobby dressing and people do not wear workout gear in public. - Aug 2015

The French smartly, though I see some wear jeans to work. I think its less formal than it used to be. No shorts in public please. - Feb 2015

You will blend in better if you are chic. - Jun 2013

You know when you look like a slob because people address you in English. - Jan 2011

French women like to dress to the nines. I gave up on tottering around on high-heels though. Go for a black, gray and purple (Carla Bruni's favorite color), invest in some stylish scarves, and wear stylish but comfortable black walking shoes. Men wear suits or jeans and Lacoste shirts. It is a city where people will judge you by your shoes! People are thin and narrow-shouldered here, so larger people will need to shop elsewhere for clothes. - Sep 2010

Business dress at work. Paris is a fashion capital, and people tend to be dressier than in the U.S.Only wear sneakers and a windbreaker if you are actively doing sports or want to be identifiable as a tourist. Don't wear shorts here - ever?And it doesn't really get warm enough to bother with sandals in the summer. - Apr 2009

People dress up a bit more formally in every setting here than in the United States. Men tend to wear suits (with ties in the winter, without ties in the summer); women in nice suits or dresses. Shorts and sweat clothes are rare unless you're working out. You will almost never see someone over 30 in a T-shirt. - Dec 2008

At the Embassy here (and in general), the Americans dress more than at other Embassies. Most men wear suits or keep a jacket at the office and women mix suits with slacks, skirts/blouses etc. Wearing jeans to work is not acceptable. The local French employees get away with dressing casually, but Americans are expected to dress more formally. - Jun 2008


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