Paris - Post Report Question and Answers

How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

At least basic French will make your stay much more enjoyable. You can get by without French, as many tourists do, but you will be more limited. - Aug 2022

You should know basic phrases and how to order at a restaurant. - May 2022

You can get around with English, it is the common language of tourism. However, to understand signs and to get into neighborhood classes like theater, sports, zumba, football etc., French is needed. I think it would be very lonely without French. - Sep 2021

French helps a lot but is not required. Tons of schools, classes, clubs and tutors available. - Jul 2020

French is not necessary but is definitely helpful. - Jan 2018

Many people speak English and there are English menus at restaurants and signs in museums but people who speak French find life here much easier and more fun. - Aug 2015

It definitely helps but more and more people speak English. - Feb 2015

Well, let's say it helps a lot! - Jun 2013

I highly recommend learning French. Many people will speak English here, but you will feel so much more integrated into the culture and vibe if you learn French. At the very least, learn greetings and other cordialities. - Sep 2010

You could get by with just "bonjour," "merci," excusez-moi," etc., but you will enjoy your interactions with the French much more if you can speak their language. - Apr 2009

Most Parisians in service industries now speak English, and do so willingly. Still, knowing French is a plus, especially when dealing with automated telephone systems (e.g. for ordering a taxi). - Dec 2008

The more French you speak the better! If you do not speak French, you MUST learn some... - Jun 2008


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