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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Housekeepers are often paid around 15€ per hour. - Aug 2022

€15-20 an hour is the starting price for babysitters and cleaners (though we have four kids and it’s a long commute for our cleaning lady). - May 2022

$40/hour for tutors/ 12-15 euro an hour for cleaning. - Sep 2021

Runs the range. I had a Ukrainian housekeeper that charged 12 euros an hour and generally worked 3 hours on one day a week. Nannies, housekeepers, pet walkers all available on the market. - Jul 2020

We are lucky to have a housekeeper and we pay 14 euros an hour. I think people are able to find part time house help if they look but I have heard that full time child care is difficult to find. - Aug 2015

This is changing since the French government changed its rules about sponsoring foreign housekeepers, so some of the people who are here now doing this work may have to leave. At present I have someone who comes 1/2 day a week for 12 Euro per hour. I haven't heard anything about the availability of any French citizens willing to do this work. - Feb 2015

I am doing my own cleaning since leaving Asia -- help is much more expensive here. - Jun 2013

Not as expensive as you might think, although so far we've managed to clean up after ourselves. - Jan 2011

We have a housekeeper come four hours a week to do deep cleaning and ironing. We pay 12 euros an hour which is standard to high. Babysitters charge around 10 euros an hour, too. - Sep 2010

No info, but you can get recommendations for part-time housekeepers from the Embassy newsletter. - Apr 2009

Generally available but expensive. - Dec 2008

Domestic help is extremely expensive. At least half of the folks have housekeepers, but usually one time a week for 4 hours, 10-12 euro an hour. If you are busy, it is a great time saver, but I would rather spend this money traveling! - Jun 2008

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