Paris - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. Many metros have flights of stairs. Sidewalks are often not ADA compliant. - Aug 2022

Metro isn’t an option, buses are great. Older parts of the city have narrow sidewalks. - May 2022

Yes, but it is better than most of the world. - Sep 2021

It felt like a lot of places (including metro) only had steps, not elevators, or often intermittent elevator service. - Jul 2020

Yes, metro's are not handicap accessible. Sidewalks can be difficult to navigate. - Jan 2018

Yes, it would be difficult. I walked around with my wheelchair bound mother-in-law and most sidewalks curbs are sloped for wheelchairs or strollers. Most apartments that expats would be housed in have small elevators. But riding on the metro would be almost impossible. Almost all metro stations have stairs and no elevators. Many people with physical disabilities ride the bus. - Aug 2015

Somewhat difficult. The metros make zero accommodations -- very few elevators, etc. The buses, however, are accessible with a ramp that extends to the sidewalk. I've seen a couple people in wheelchairs use them. - Feb 2015

Europe in general is not good for people with physical disabilities. Many metro stops only have stairs. The sidewalks are narrow. Buses seems to be better, but Europe really doesn't take disabilities into consideration at all. - Jun 2013

I'm not sure I've ever seen someone in a wheelchair on public transportation. - Jan 2011

I'm amazed at how unfriendly this city is for people with physical disabilities. Even walking through Paris with all your faculties can be hazardous at times with reckless drivers, constant street construction, cobblestones, steps, and random poop piles on the pavement! - Sep 2010

The metro is shockingly unfriendly in this respect. Even where there are elevators and/or escalators, they're often out of service. The RER is a little bit better, but the bus system is extensive and adapted to wheelchairs (and strollers!). There are problems with curb cuts and the like, but informative unofficial websites with this info. For tourists, folks in wheelchairs can often to go the front of lines at tourist attractions and get in for a free or reduced rate. - Apr 2009

It would be difficult. Many buildings and the Metro have gratuitous steps and staircases. Elevators are often too tiny for wheelchairs and there are few ramps. - Dec 2008

Paris is NOT a good city for people with disabilities! It is not uncommon for metros to have no escalators and 90% of buildings do not have ramps for people with wheel chairs. The French have a long way to go to improve in this area. I heard there are tourist agencies that specialize in tours for people with disabilities if you have the money to pay for it. - Jun 2008


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