Paris - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Paris is both great for singles, and hard. Great because any activity you want to do is there: sports, dance, clubbing, meet-ups, hiking, sight-seeing, etc. Hard, because it feels like the French are fairly insular - they have their communities and aren't terribly open to new people, much less expats. If you can find a core group to do things with, or if you're happy to do things alone, you'll be good to go. I think these same traits are true for couples and families, to be honest. CLO generally focuses on non-working spouses and kids. - Jul 2020

Great for all. However, single Americans may be surprised to learn that French people do not "date" in the way we do. This may cause some serious cultural misunderstandings in terms of romance. Speaking personally, I found other European expats in Paris to be much more enjoyable in terms of dating. Tinder is available and used widely, as well as a few local spin-offs. - Jan 2018

This city is fantastic for couples. I have heard from friends and acquaintances that it can be more difficult for families and singles. - Aug 2015

All, though it can be expensive to dine out with a family. - Feb 2015

Families I know seem to be happy with the schools, and there are many family-friendly activities. It's great for couples and singles, too.. It's Paris! - Jun 2013

Sure. Families with young children will probably hear again and again about MessageParis -- a group for Anglo parents and children. - Jan 2011

I think the city can be a challenge for families with young children due to the lack of green space. Some of my friends with younger children live out in the suburbs, sacrificing city convenience for backyards. My children like it here but really miss having a yard and easy access to neighborhood friends. Families with teens would enjoy it here, and singles and couples have endless options! - Sep 2010

Depends a lot on what you make of it. As part of a couple, I can say it can be great for couples in terms of things to do. The French can be hard to get to know as a temporary expat, and the U.S. Embassy does not have a strong sense of community, so we would recommend looking for a social system elsewhere. - Apr 2009

This is a good city for everyone. - Dec 2008

Paris is great for couples without children and for outgoing singles. There is a lot to do and see but I know that among Embassy personnel, introverted-singles often have troubles adapting and become depressed after a few months here. - Jun 2008

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