Ashgabat - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

We could normally stream Netflix, but it would get spotty and somedays it just didn't work. You had to get used to the idea that sometimes things worked and sometimes it didn't. You definitely needed a VPN as most websites are blocked, and even most of the normal VPNs were blocked- so we all had to get creative in how to get around that. Once you got set up though- it was good 80% of the time. - Dec 2020

The high speed is actually slow speed. It is difficult to stream or download anything. When you do, you need to multitask and be patient. - Jun 2018

There is internet available but I would not call it high-speed and it is rather cheap - Feb 2016

Access to the internet is tightly controlled by the government. It is thus neither widespread or fast. Locals can connect to it through their mobile phones, though several of the more popular social sites are routinely blocked. The embassy provided an at home service for a fee. It was not always available and never fast. - Jul 2014

70 USD a month for the slowest internet you will ever find. you can't even watch a YouTube video! - Oct 2012

The embassy is upgrading the current set-up to provide more bandwidth to the users. Right now it's $70 per month. - Mar 2012

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