Ashgabat - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

We rode the local busses to/from work until our car arrived. It was cheap, clean, safe- but often over crowded. Most people found it necessary to have a vehicle. - Dec 2020

Buses and taxis are safe and affordable. - Mar 2019

All are cheap and plentiful. - Jun 2018

Trains only run between large cities and are very rustic. Buses are frequent and cheap (4 cents/ride) but not always the most reliable and they can be super crowded. There are regular yellow cabs that can be pricey and then there are gypsy cabs which are super cheap. They drive erratically, may pick up additional fares and make you tag along and don't always have seat belts. - Feb 2016

There are official yellow cabs that will charge you US$3 to come to an address and then US$2 to take you to a destination in Ashgabat. Most everyone, including embassy staff, utilizes gypsy cabs around town. Just stick out your hand, flag down someone driving by and it is US$2 to your destination. Buses in Ashgabat are new, cost US$.10 (ten cents) and run regular routes. Intercity buses are available though likely older. Trains are slow but an option. - Jul 2014

There is no public transportation unless you want to get robbed or pick pocketed. - Oct 2012

Safe is a relative term. Compared to medium sized cities in the US they would be considered safe. - Mar 2012

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