Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

All forms of transportation in Chiang Mai are safe and affordable. Most people use Grab here (the Southeast Asian version of Uber) and its extremely easy to use. The drivers are usually knowledgeable of the area. Most Grab trips around the city are $2-5. There are also "songthaews" which are like pickup trucks that pick people up on a route and can be cheaper than taxis and "tuk-tuks" which are 3-wheeled vehicles which many tourists use to get around the old city. - Mar 2019

A new taxi service was established in town 2 years ago. The taxis are clean and safe, and have seatbelts. You must call the dispatcher to request one. They are affordable but not cheap. Train travel is rare, although a train does run between Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Converted pick-up trucks (songtaews) travel all major roads and provide cheap, convenient taxi service to the local population and budget-minded tourists. - May 2007

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