Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

The coal pollution is very oppressive and bad. - Oct 2021

The air quality in the winter. - Jan 2021

I wish I had known how bad the air pollution is. - Sep 2019

While the Poles are generally friendly people, it can take them a little while to warm up to new people. They will, though, so be patient and it'll be worth it. - May 2018

Nothing. - Apr 2018

Wish I didn't have an SUV (if embassy you can only sell it to another diplomat the first three year it is in country); the lack of good highways throughout Poland especially going to Krakow and the mountains. - Dec 2016

How very, very long the winter would be! Otherwise, it has been pretty much as I expected--but I have lived in two other countries in the region before. If I had not, I guess I would have wanted to know that it is not the same as western Europe. There are many things in common, but despite the shiny buildings in central Warsaw, don't expect it to be Germany. It isn't quite there yet, and sometimes that can be frustrating. - Mar 2016

How exciting Warsaw is right now. There are a lot of young people opening new businesses and trying new things. There's almost palpable energy to the city. - Sep 2015

I thought I had a good understanding of Polish history but when I got here I quickly realized how much I didn't know. I strongly encourage people to learn as much as they can about Poland before coming, and not just Polish history from 1918 onward. The past resonates strongly here and the Poles are rightly proud of their past and their culture. They've needed it to survive as well as they have under very difficult conditions. - Nov 2014


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