Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

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Warsaw was amazing! We miss it everyday! - Jan 2021

Nope! - Sep 2019

Great place for families, ability to give teens a bit more space and liberty in terms of safety. - Apr 2018

I have a blog with travel articles and lots of photos of Poland at http://wellthatwasdifferent.com. - Mar 2016

This is an exciting time to be coming to Poland - the economy is doing fairly well and Poland increasingly plays a very important role in the EU and in NATO. Poles will tell you that life is better now than it has been in a long time, but then they'll also be quick to tell you how it could be better... Just about all expats I know who lived here and then left for the next assignment were very sad when leaving and missed Poland greatly once they were gone. Almost all of them have found a way to come back for a visit, and many of them come back routinely even if they live far away. That should tell you something. - Nov 2014

Poland is a dynamic place. The change from Communism to a free-market society has been embraced and things change quickly here. It the short time I've been here I've seen many changes and progress. However, there are still heavy communist style layers of procedure to everything you do. But all in all once you break through the stern facade of Poles you will find a warm people who are very proud of their country and culture. - Feb 2012

Travel anytime, anywhere by car requires a great deal of caution, attention, and fortitude. Poles are the rudest, most careless, aggressive, and selfish drivers I have seen (and I have driven in places like Africa, Italy, Romania), with each individual driver thinking he is the most important and sole driver on the road. The stunts they will pull while driving that will put you and your family at risk are stunning, jaw dropping even. Unfortunately, you have to become the same in order to have any hope of getting anywhere by car. There is no respect for the rules of the road and there is almost no police presence, except for the rare speed trap. - Nov 2011

Employment for non-Polish speakers is very limited even at the Embassy. The Embassy has several openings, but a the size of the community creates an over-abundance of applicants. - Aug 2011

Enjoy yourself...travel...dont stay in your house or apartment...get out and explore. You will find a lot of neat things. Just be mindful of where you are and the people around you. - Aug 2011

Warsaw is wonderful if you have the ability to take the small things in stride. Bureaucracy can be a nightmare, but for the most part, things are steadily improving and customer service is getting better by the day. - Mar 2011

Poles DO NOT laugh out loud in public. When you are at a restaurant and crack a joke with your friends and start laughing out loud they will look at you like "what planet are these guys coming from?" Basically, they are a very sad people, and I guess it is due to the former communist system. - Jan 2011

Warsaw is a fascinating city, and most people really love it. The ones that don't are usually the ones that let the winters beat them. It's worth trying to break up the winter with a trip somewhere warmer (and lighter) in the middle. There's a lot to be said for living in a place where it's not obvious you're a foreigner, but that is so different and where you can learn so much. - Dec 2010

Take the time to learn about Poland's history before you come. Poles really appreciate it and it'll make your experience here much more meaningful. - Feb 2010

Warsaw has everything you have ever wanted to eat, see, buy, and visit. - Aug 2009

Warsaw is becoming more and more of a family post and activities at the Embassy reflect that. Poles are very dignified people and not prone to warm fuzzies. You won't have people smiling at you and they don't have customer service as we know it at all. This is a good post but it is not all perfect. - Jun 2008

Poland has changed dramatically since the first time I was here. Forget the stories about Warsaw/Poland from the days of old. The people here are genreally pro-American/Western and you will have a blast here. - Apr 2008


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