Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

They are available, and not extremely expensive. English language ones are available too. However, we preferred other options so did not investigate these options very closely. - Oct 2021

So many preschools! Polish preschools are free but there are lots and lots of cheap international or bi-lingual preschools. We didn’t send our kids to preschool but almost everyone does! - Jan 2021

Many families sent small children to local preschools, of which there were at least bilingual options, if not an occasional English-only option. Girafe in Ursynow was popular. - May 2018

Plentiful, but no personal experience. - Apr 2018

International Preschool of Warsaw is the best and was a part of the US Embassy since 1952 and is now a non profit education foundation, ABS montessori in Konstancin is also very good. Every neighborhood has a preschool, Poles must send 3+ year olds to preschool. The average full time preschool is 2,000 PLN a month. - Dec 2016

There are lots of preschools and daycare facilities. I generally hear very good things about them but can't comment from first-hand experience. - Nov 2014

There are many preschools available throughout the city in many prices ranges. Many have bi-lingual staff. I know many parents with preschoolers in different schools and have heard good things. Some with younger children hire in-home nannies called a Pani. - Feb 2012

Lots of private Polish preschools available, ostensibly with exposure to English language. In fact, they are probably just Polish daycare with a class or two of English, not really bilingual. - Nov 2011

Not sure. It's definitely available, but I suspect variable quality and expensive. - Dec 2010

There is the IPW (International Preschool of Warsaw) and also many maids will gladly watch kids...for a fee of course. - Aug 2009

Many preschools are available but all are expensive. Our son goes to the International Preschool of Warsaw and we are thrilled with it. He loves it and he is learning so much. There are also Montessori options available. - Jun 2008

Normally people here have panis (nannies) from here and elsewhere. - Apr 2008

Preschools are popping up all over Warsaw. I also worked at The International Preschool of Warsaw. The women who work their are nurturing and active. Any child would benifit greatly from a start there. - Feb 2008

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