Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Personally unsure, though I have heard generally folks have a good experience with the international school in the city. - Oct 2021

American School of Warsaw and the British school were the 2 most popular. Most everyone likes one of those schools :). My kids were 0-5 when we lived in Poland so we didn’t have experience with the schools. - Jan 2021

British, French and American schools are available. - Sep 2019

The American School of Warsaw was pretty good, though some teachers were stronger than others. Some families would also use the British School. - May 2018

Excellent school choices. Brits, German, American, French, etc., all have schools. - Apr 2018

ASW is the best for an American curriculum and all US embassy kids are attending this year; some go to the British School, but only if they have been in their system and plan to stay in it. - Dec 2016

My kids are grown, but I know that people are generally happy with both the American school and the British school. I really don't know anything about other schools, but I know there are a variety of options available in English and other languages. - Mar 2016

No personal experience. There are two options, the British and the American Schools. Reportedly the American School has a great campus and strong relationship with the embassy, but the British School is more likely to accommodate special needs children. Both are supposed to have excellent academics; Warsaw is very popular with families who have school-age children. - Sep 2015

My experience revolves around the American School of Warsaw. It's an excellent school overall and I had a very good experience with my child going to high school there. The facility itself is top-notch. The classrooms are nice, and they have everything else - labs, performing arts area, sports facilities, cafeteria, etc. One look at it and it pretty much sells itself. Security at the school is very good as well. I've had other friends send their children to the British School and they all seem very happy with it. It's smaller but I've been told the academics are challenging, the teachers are very good, and the administration very supportive. They are located closer into the city, in the facilities that used to house the American School before it relocated to Konstancin. Security at the school is also very good. There are other American schools but I've heard mixed reviews. I recommend you seek out parents who send their kids there for their opinion. I know there are other schools for different languages, such as the French, German and Russian schools but they are small and generally serve their respective diplomatic communities. I can't comment on their quality. - Nov 2014

My kids go to the American School of Warsaw and we love it! The faculty is caring and facilities are excellent. There is a new admissions director, which has made the transition for embassy families into the school much more pleasant. She is also working with CLO to ensure special-needs can be accommodated if at all possible. One of the biggest issues I've seen is actually with the students themselves, not the school. The local students are extremely wealthy and can be snobbish. - Feb 2012

Speaking for young children, the British School has a solid program where kids are expected to have some exposure to letters, reading, and math even as they enter kindergarten and they start them off quickly and push them at a good pace. - Nov 2011

My kids attend the American School of Warsaw. Like any school, there are some problems but I still love it. The school is so welcoming of parents, and I can always find other moms in the cafeteria in the morning having coffee. My kids are generally happy at the school despite its imperfections. - Mar 2011

The American School of Warsaw is the worst! They tend to spend a lot of money on infrastructure and forget about the quality of the teachers. There are a lot of substitute teachers at this school because somehow the regular teachers are always on vacation or in meeting. If you worry about your kid's education, then do not come to this country. - Jan 2011

A lot of our friends seem to be unhappy with the international schools, both American and British here. As a result, I would say the only type of people I wouldn't immediately recommend Warsaw to would be families with high-school aged children. - Dec 2010

I don't have kids, so I can't really comment. - Feb 2010

We don't have kids, but the American School of Warsaw is by far the most popular among expats and well-to-do Poles. It has a VERY impressive campus and facilities. Other schools exist as well (British, French, Russian, etc.). - Aug 2009

The American School of Warsaw is very highly regarded. The British school also has some embassy families and everyone seems very happy with the school situation. - Jun 2008

Most embassy families and the beautiful people of Warsaw send their kids to the American School of Warsaw which from what I haven seen is HUGE!!! Be careful and register for classes ASAP as it tends to fill up really quickly and be advised that your spot at ASW is not guaranteed. - Apr 2008

I worked at the American School of Warsaw. It has a nice facility on 25 acres. It is how a school should be. There is a lot of opportunity there for the students. They have high standards and the kids take great fieldtrips. - Feb 2008


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