What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Canada. There's an 8.5-hour direct flight from Toronto to Warsaw. Other Canadian cities require a connection, usually through Toronto, Brussels, London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt. - Sep 2019

USA. - May 2018

United States. - Apr 2018

United States-two flights back to the DC area, usually a stop in Frankfurt if flying with Lufthansa. - Dec 2016

Washington, DC. There are no direct flights. Usually layovers are in Frankfurt (when the government is paying) or Amsterdam (when we pay our own way). There are direct flights to Chicago and New York City on LOT, the Polish national airline, and probably a couple of others. - Mar 2016

Home is Washington, DC; about 10-12 hours by plane with one connection in a European city (usually Frankfurt if flying StarAlliance). - Sep 2015

Washington, DC. There are no direct flights to Washington. The only direct flights to the U.S. are on LOT Polish Airways to Chicago and New York. Travel typically involves transiting through another European city such as Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, London, etc. I've never flown on the LOT flights to the U.S. but hear they are fine. - Nov 2014

US East Coast, with very few direct flights. 12 - 14 hours with varying locations for stopover. Frankfurt, Munich, London, Paris, etc. - Feb 2012

Washington, 11-13 hours away, usually through Germany. - Nov 2011

3 year tour. Home base US. - Aug 2011

Chicago, 15 hours (through Germany) - Mar 2011

Florida. 14 hours. - Jan 2011

Home is Canberra, about 33 hours (3 connections) away. LOT flies direct to more and more places, but many destinations still need a stop in Europe. - Dec 2010

My home base is DC. Flights connect in either Frankfurt or Munich and take about 14 hours. - Feb 2010

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