Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes, it depends on when the contract for the previous tenant runs out. But easily accessible and affordable. - Oct 2021

It’s typically very good and cheap. Our street had only two US embassy houses on it, because we weren’t on the main housing streets, and our internet was very very bad. This is not the norm as most are overall really good, we were just unlucky living on that street. The embassy couldn’t do much to help because the street hadn’t been set up for high speed internet (which was managed by the city). - Jan 2021

High-speed home internet is readily available and does not take long to install at all. No issues. - Sep 2019

Yes. Install varies from 1 day to a couple of weeks, depending on neighborhood service/infrastructure, personnel availability, etc. - May 2018

Available and relatively cheap. Current service to home is 300 mbps. - Apr 2018

Yes, but ours doesn't seem so fast and drops often. It can take 1-2 weeks to install, it is best to have your sponsor install it before you come. - Dec 2016

We have really good internet for about US$80 per month. That's a fair amount, but we watch almost all our TV that way, so it's worth it to us. Quality of internet depends on which company serves your area, so it's worth asking about that before renting a place or accepting a housing assignment. (We use UPC and have been satisfied with it.) - Mar 2016

Yes, for about US$30-40 a month. Good reliability. - Sep 2015

Internet access is readily available thought it usually requires a long-term contract. All the same providers for cell phones offer internet. UPC, Orange, etc. seem to be the most common. You can get very high speed if you want. My internet costs me about US$30 per month for 10 mb of speed, which is usually all I need. - Nov 2014

We've had little problems getting it and it's pretty fast. Early evenings and sometimes on weekends it can get finicky or slow. We pay about $50 per month. - Feb 2012

Yes, but service can sometimes be spotty and is highly variable depending on where you live. - Nov 2011

Expensive and hard to upgrade. You must do with out for a month if you wish to upgrade to a faster connection. - Aug 2011

Cable Internet with Aster: It's okay service with decent speed. Cost is pretty cheap compared to US-based IP services. I pay roughly 110PLN ($40/mo) for fairly fast cable internet and phone service (more if I call to the US). - Aug 2011

Yes. It is hit-or-miss as to the quality. If you have TP DSL (the national company), it is spotty and prone to outages. Netia and other cable companies exist but the further away from downtown you are, the less likely you are to be able to use their services. When it comes to internet, you have to steel yourself to be patient and flexible. - Mar 2011

Yes, there is, and it is very reliable. - Jan 2011

Everywhere! Free in almost every cafe in town. A huge improvement over home! - Dec 2010

Yes, although the speed seems to vary somewhat. It costs about $50 a month. - Feb 2010

Yes, and it costs around 20-30 bucks a month. Do yourself a favor and buy a router, since the one the the embassy provides is horrible. - Aug 2009

It is available and it costs about 120 zloty a month. - Jun 2008

High speed is available and costs starting from US$35 a month). Plans are available. - Apr 2008

Yes, US$50 per month. - Feb 2008

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