Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Yes. - Jan 2021

Same-sex marriage is illegal in Poland. The Catholic Church has a lot of political power, including on public opinion toward homosexuality. Discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community is very present. There have been recent reports of violence against Pride Parade participants in Bialystok (though not in Warsaw). Warsaw is probably the most liberal city in Poland in this regard. - Sep 2019

I think so. - May 2018

No experience. - Apr 2018

Poland is a Catholic country but with more and more acceptance. - Dec 2016

Poland is a very conservative Catholic country, so I can't imagine it would be the best place to be gay. There was a rainbow sculpture in a plaza near our apartment that was torn down several times because some people thought it was an LGBT thing. However, I know some gay people here who do just fine while keeping a low profile.

I guess I would just recommend that gay people thinking about moving here do some research first: don't assume that it is just like any Western European city in this regard. - Mar 2016

Not particularly. Poland is VERY Catholic with all the social norms that entails. But despite prevalent anti-LGBT attitudes in society and Polish politics, there's an active and vocal LGBT community in Warsaw. The city is surprisingly cosmopolitan in many ways, but public displays of affection between same-sex couples make people here uncomfortable. On the other hand, they elected a transgender woman to Parliament and seem comfortable with that. Drunk heckling or a lecture from a Polish grandma is probably the most you'd risk as an openly gay person here, but it's hard to say for sure. - Sep 2015

I've been told there is a lively gay scene here but it's definitely underground for the most part. The Polish Catholic Church is vocally opposed to homosexuality and the general public's attitude towards this can is reflected in the many times the rainbow arch at Plac Zbawiciela has been burned down over the past few years. - Nov 2014

Poles are still a little surprised by open homosexuality, but I don't think there is hostility. - Feb 2012

No idea really, though some Poles can be fairly conservative. I have rarely seen anyone around town who appears openly homosexual. - Nov 2011

As I understand, being gay here isn't a particular issue. There are some gay clubs and a healthy social scene. - Dec 2010

There are a few gay bars/clubs here, but being gay is largely kept quiet here. I've met very few gay Poles who were actually out. - Feb 2010

While Poland still has a way to go in battling homophobia, none of the same-sex couples that serve in Warsaw have ever complained about outright harassment. Warsaw does have a gay scene with several clubs. - Aug 2009

That I can't say. There are gay clubs here but I would be discreet as Poles tend to be conservative. - Jun 2008

Anti-gay sentiment is still alive and well here, however I have heard that there is an active scene in Warsaw as well as elsewhere in Poland. - Apr 2008

There are a ton of clubs but I've never seen anyone kissing on the street. There are a lot of things that aren't done in Poland. - Feb 2008


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