Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Nothing much except specific comfort foods. We had no complaints about availability. - Oct 2021

Mexican food items. Mexican food just wasn’t a thing and what they carried wasn’t good. We constantly shipped salsa and other mexican food items. Mexican food items were also available at the commissary. - Jan 2021

Maple syrup, protein bars, Asian spices and sauces, cream of tartar, and vanilla extract. - Sep 2019

Nothing, really. Just an occasional homesickness comfort brand, maybe. - May 2018

None. - Apr 2018

Should have maxed out consumables especially liquid items, and some favorites for foods. However, we order from Vitacost, Walmart and Amazon all the time. - Dec 2016

We brought good desk chairs and a computer desk. But if you don't ship those, there is always Ikea here. You can get pretty much anything household-related locally. - Mar 2016

Bubble wrap. - Sep 2015

Let's see - as I mentioned, you can get just about anything you want or need here. Some comfort foods from home would be helpful but I really can't think of anything I just HAD to have and couldn't find. - Nov 2014

Nothing you can find whatever you need here. - Feb 2012

Really haven't missed anything here, except Polish mayonnaise is horrible. It's really sweet compared to what you get in the States and there are no alternatives. - Nov 2011

Most are available. - Aug 2011

Special items....certain medications; anything that is primarily available in the US. Some things are just annoying to have to ship overseas. - Aug 2011

Trash bags. - Jan 2011

Cling wrap (it's really strange here!), rice crackers and water crackers (not available), tinned soup. There's not much you can't get, either in the normal shops or the US commissary (if you have access - all diplomats can.) - Dec 2010

None - you can get everything here. - Feb 2010

Clothing and shoes since they are more expensive here. In terms of food/toiletries, etc. nothing, since you can find everything you need here., - Aug 2009

Chocolate chips, all purpose flour, Claritin, assorted American baking items. Poles don't cook the same kind of desserts that we do so a lot of the ingredients we need are not available. - Jun 2008

Car parts and liquids since these things here are VERY expensive. Shoes and clothing should also be brought. - Apr 2008

Oven thermometer, spaghetti sauce, salad dressings. Anything that you use on a regular basis that is American will be double the price here. - Feb 2008


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