Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

We used DPO, but local post worked just fine and was trustworthy. - Oct 2021

Relied on DPO and pouch. Did have things shipped locally for Etsy once or twice and it was fine. - Jan 2021

Diplomatic mail bag arranged by the embassy. The local postal system (Poczta Polska) is cheap and relatively reliable, though there are often long queues at their offices when you need to drop off or pick up registered mail. - Sep 2019

DPO. - May 2018

Through the embassy. - Apr 2018

US Embassy mail room (DPO). - Dec 2016

We are with the embassy so we can use U.S. mail. But the Polish postal system is very modern, as far as I can tell. We order pet supplies through local mail with no problem. - Mar 2016

DPO. - Sep 2015

When I was at the Embassy I used the unclassified pouch and DPO. Since I left government service and work in the private sector I now get mail through the company pouch, which limits the size and type of mail I can send/receive. DHL, FEDEX, UPS are all here but you have to consider the customs charges you might have to pay for things. - Nov 2014

I use embassy mailroom services. - Feb 2012

Mostly diplomatic mail, but a bit through the local service. Seems reliable. But post offices can sometimes be downright Soviet, so be warned. - Nov 2011

DPO. - Aug 2011

I utilize APO/FPO mail systems, but not everyone will have access to this. I have not dealt with regular postal mail other than bills...one of the things I love about Poland is that you can pay your various bills at the Post Office. - Aug 2011

I rarely do and when I do, I send my letters through the secretary at the American School. - Mar 2011

I have DPO at the embassy. - Jan 2011

Polish post is a bit disorganised but it seems to get there. - Dec 2010

DPO - Feb 2010

We send them through the pouch. - Aug 2009

I would use DHL or UPS, both of whom service Warsaw. I only ordered something once through Polish mail because it was to big for the pouch and I never received it. - Jun 2008

APO, DPO and pouch are all available. In addition, Polish mail is pretty reliable. - Apr 2008


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