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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

I had a personal trainer with a personal gym, and he charged about what I'd get charged for a personal trainer in the U.S. at a commercial gym. English-speaking personal trainers can be found throughout the city. Gyms are all over and seem well equipped. - Oct 2021

Lots of great option for gyms. Biking is very popular in Poland and it’s super bike friendly around the city. We paid US $40 a month each for our gym membership. Recreation centers with pools and gyms too. Plenty to chose based on where you live. - Jan 2021

Gyms are readily available, including at popular chains like McFit and Zdrofit. Other sports facilities include: tennis, badminton, dance, yoga/pilates, basketball (indoor and outdoor), soccer/football (indoor and outdoor), swimming pools, ice hockey, ice skating and curling. Gym memberships typically range around 100-150 PLN/month. Other facilities rentals vary by sport. However, many companies in Warsaw offer a MultiSport card as a benefit program, which grants free and/or discounted memberships and facilities rentals around all of Poland. - Sep 2019

Modern gyms, pools, tennis courts (indoor and out). It is a modern city. - May 2018

Numerous gyms and tracks. Soccer, basketball, and gymnastics. Gymnastics is a bit different than the US there, as it is acrobatic/sports and rhythmic. - Apr 2018

The cost is about 100-200 pln a month depending on the style of gym and the location. - Dec 2016

Yes, and they are affordable. We pay $40 per month per person for Calypso Gym, which is a chain. It's not quite up there with Gold's Gym, but the equipment is OK, and the place is clean. Also, the Poles believe in air conditioning their gyms to at least some degree, which you will appreciate if you have ever previously experienced the joy of un-air conditioned European gyms! - Mar 2016

The embassy has a small gym. Hotels have modern gyms (not sure about price). Parks have little cardio playgrounds with exercise machines. - Sep 2015

There are many excellent gyms and workout facilities in Warsaw. There are two main chains - Holmes Place and Jatomi, though there is no shortage of other, smaller facilities anywhere you look. You can get anything you want, as the bigger ones offer everything you'd see in the U.S. or other European cities, while the smaller ones can be sparse and the facilities lacking in terms of equipment and cleanliness. They are particularly crowded at certain parts of the day. I belong to one of the nicer gyms and pay around US$100 per month but am very happy with the facilities. Be prepared for a heavy sell by the staff for personal fitness training. They're required to do so as part of their employment contract. Wodny Park is not to be missed. It's got an Olympic-sized swimming pool (50 meters) to go along with a smaller pool adjacent to it that parents use with their small children. There's also a water slide and "river flow" area to go along with the pool area. There's an outdoor pool in the summer, as well as a Winter Garden for that summer feel in the middle of the harsh winter weather. Finally, you can go to the sauna/steam room/ice room/banya area and get the full range of "biological renewal" you want. They also have a gym, squash courts, cafeteria, restaurant and sports bar. It's centrally located and easy to get to. - Nov 2014

Yes. There are many through out the city. They are expensive, about $100 a month, but most are nice. - Feb 2012

Yes. - Nov 2011

Yes. - Aug 2011

Dotted all over the place. Call them for rates and restrictions. Same with swimming pools/lap pool areas. - Aug 2011

There are plenty around the city. - Mar 2011

All over the place. - Jan 2011

Yes. - Dec 2010

Yes, but they're usually very small. The two largest are the Gold's Gym and Pure Fitness. - Feb 2010

There are several gyms that embassy staff regularly use. Gold's Gym just opened up this year in Warsaw. Warsaw also has many bike trails, and those who just want to walk or jog are able to do so as well. - Aug 2009


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