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What accommodations do schools make for special-needs kids?

It seemed more common for special needs kids to end up at the British School vs. ASW. - May 2018

One-on-one assistants, but generally the expat schools are behind the curve on this aspect. - Apr 2018

Usually if you are military you can't come here with special needs. Elementary school at ASW can meet the needs of minor speech and other minor issues and work on IEPs. - Dec 2016

I believe this varies quite a bit. The American and British Schools reportedly offer different accommodations but I can't comment personally. I've heard they offer certain things such as extra time for test-taking, etc. Best to look for other input from parents with direct experience. - Nov 2014

The American School of Warsaw is not only NOT willing to accommodate children with special needs, they are openly hostile about it and do not deserve the name of an "American" school that supposedly reflects the values of the American educational system. If your child has anything but the most minimal of needs, don't even bother applying. Hopefully, at a minimum, the new admissions director will at least be pleasant about it when she tells you to bugger off. The British School on the other hand has an open admissions policy and makes a decent effort to accommodate special needs children. I've seen children with both physical and mental disabilities welcomed into the school. - Nov 2011

Not much. - Mar 2011

Yes, is but you must notify them in advance. - Jan 2011

Very limited from what I hear. - Aug 2009

I have no direct knowledge of this, but both the American School of Warsaw has an excellent web site which may have more information. - Jun 2008

None that I know of. - Apr 2008

The British School is the only school that accomidates students with special needs that I know of. - Feb 2008


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