Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Winters kill any pests we might have had. Mosquitos can be bad in the spring and fall outside. - Oct 2021

Lots of people notes spiders in the houses but nothing terrible, just from time to time. - Jan 2021

No. - Sep 2019

Not really. - May 2018

No. - Apr 2018

We had ants a few times, but so minor that you could have that anywhere. - Dec 2016

We have not had any problem in town, but I hear that mosquitoes can be a problem out in the suburbs. - Mar 2016

Nothing serious. Mosquitoes can be a summertime annoyance, but they don't carry anything dangerous. - Sep 2015

There can be lots of flying insects in the summer months, particularly after long periods of heavy rain. Mosquitoes can be particularly aggressive. Otherwise there really aren't a lot of problems with insects. You must be particularly attentive to ticks though, especially if you walk in the many parks and green areas of the city. Dogs are obviously also at risk. - Nov 2014

Mosquitoes in the summer when there is a lot of rain are huge and may carry away small children and animals. We are given encephalitis shots when we get here, but the tick problem is really more in the countryside. - Feb 2012

Not much. Mosquitoes can act up in summer if there is a lot of rain. Ticks can be a problem in fields and forests. - Nov 2011

Lot of mosquitoes in Warsaw. - Aug 2011

Mainly mosquitoes during the spring/summer, especially after rainstorms. Other than that, just your normal spiders and flies. - Aug 2011

Some mosquitoes around the edges of the city. - Mar 2011

Mosquitoes in the summer. - Jan 2011

None I'm aware of. - Dec 2010

None. - Feb 2010

Since most of the homes and apartments do not have window screens, various flying insects tend to invade people's houses if the windows are left open. - Aug 2009


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