Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Polish pottery is great, and sturdy enough to be used everyday. - Oct 2021

Plenty of shopping in Old Town Warsaw and there are so many nice malls! - Jan 2021

Clothes shopping is quite good, particularly at Galeria Mokotow (designer section). Local Polish pottery is also a popular souvenir item, as are flavoured Polish vodkas. - Sep 2019

Polish pottery from Boleslawiec. Cheap, available, popular... and heavy! :) - May 2018

Not sure. - Apr 2018

Polish pottery and hand carved items. - Dec 2016

Polish pottery, amber jewelry, basketry, local art. It's not the greatest shopping country, as far as unique items go, but there are some nice things. - Mar 2016

Boleslawiec pottery, Polish crystal, amber jewelry, carved wooden boxes, antique prints. - Sep 2015

Polish crafts, pottery, and artwork are excellent and highly sought after. You can also spend your saved money on ski trips to the Tatras or summer weekends in Gdansk and the Tri-Cities. - Nov 2014

Polish Pottery, folk crafts, glassware - Feb 2012

Cristal Ceramics. - Aug 2011

Poland is known for Amber. Also, in the southern area of Zacopane, you can get really good leather items. - Aug 2011

Boleslawiec pottery. - Mar 2011

None - Jan 2011

Boleslawiec pottery, travel, independent cinema tickets, winter clothes. - Dec 2010

Boloslawiec pottery, beautiful linens. - Feb 2010

Polish handicrafts, Boleslawiec pottery, WWII militaria, amber, glassware, antiques. Pretty much anything come to think of it - Aug 2009

There are so many beautiful things to buy in Poland. Polish pottery, wood carvings, icons, amber, art, and on and on. - Jun 2008

Boleslawic pottery (it is cheaper to buy it in Boleslawic than Warsaw), crystal, glassware, amber lamps, Soviet and German militaria (but this is fact drying up and there are more knockoffs than origianls these days). - Apr 2008

Polish pottery, Krosno glass, Jablonski crystal, wooden carvings, clay angels, religious art. - Feb 2008


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