Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

Yes, unless you blow it all on travel. Ask me how I know this. :) - Mar 2016

And how. - Sep 2015

Generally yes, assuming you don't blow it all on beer gardens, weekend trips around Poland and the rest of Europe, and eating out every night. Prices are generally much lower and life is very affordable here. You may not get a huge differential for here if you're from an embassy but you definitely save money by not having to pay the 23% VAT! - Nov 2014

Yes, if you don't travel all over Europe too much. - Feb 2012

Rent or housing can be pricey, but if that's not an issue, then saving money should be easy. - Nov 2011

NO. - Aug 2011

Even though its quite expensive in Warsaw, you can save money. - Aug 2011

Yes, if you don't eat out at expensive restaurants a lot. - Mar 2011

Yes, if you do not go out. - Jan 2011

Yes, although it's not a major attraction. - Dec 2010

Depends on the exchange rate, but lately, I would say yes. Groceries are definitely cheaper here than in the US. - Feb 2010

It depends on the exchange rate. The exchange rate has been very loopy here, going from as high as 3.6 down to 2.0 to the dollar. We are managing to do very well and have saved a bit of money, even with crazy shopping and travel. It all depends on your spending habits - Aug 2009

Ummm, not really. The weak dollar is killing us against the zloty. Clothing and other luxury items are very expensive here, as is domestic help and preschool. Gas is also a killer on the budget. If you try to travel as well you will not save anything. - Jun 2008

Yes, but this is becoming more and more difficult. Our COLA went up to 50 percent but we lost our differential (Krakow is still at 10 percent by the way) but even still...fortunately for us we can get our VAT back which over time takes away some of the sting. However, this will continue to get worse so long as the dollar continues to plummet. - Apr 2008

Only if you get it taken out of your paycheck, rarely go to dinner, and don't travel much. - Feb 2008


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