Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Winter gear and air purifier. - Oct 2021

Ability to relax! Some tendencies of the Poles definitely have the ability to get on everyones nerves but just breath and vent to someone because most everyone experiences a similar situation at one point or another during their time in Warsaw. - Jan 2021

Maple syrup - Sep 2019

Humility... for attempting to speak Polish! :), but the Poles will appreciate that you tried. - May 2018

Air purifiers. Bikes. - Apr 2018

Warm clothes for the winter. - Dec 2016

Really warm coat and boots! - Mar 2016

Optimism and patience. Be ready for the dark and gloomy days of winter, and be patient when it comes to driving and getting around town. Poles will be the first to tell you they are the world's biggest and best complainers. It won't take long for this to manifest itself once you're here. Perhaps it's what made them ultimately successful in their fight against communism. So, be patient when it comes to learning how to deal with this and why they are this way. - Nov 2014

Patience. - Feb 2012

Sence of humor. - Aug 2011

Chocolate chips and ziploc bags. Warm winter clothes. Plenty of warm stuff for wrapping up children in the winter or you will get stern looks and a vigorous talking-to by older women on the street. - Mar 2011

Sense of adventure. - Dec 2010

...not sure, I guess your passport? - Aug 2009

Bike or motorcycle, winter coat. Poland is probably the last place in the world where you can flaunt your fur coat with pride!! - Jun 2008

Winter clothing, car parts, sense of humor, sense of adventure, camera, spouse and kids (they may not appreciate it). - Apr 2008

Scarf, gloves, boots and big coat. - Feb 2008

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